What Do you Do When the Unforgivable Was Done?

Was having a conversation about Michael Alig the other day.  Michael Alig was convicted of manslaughter for the death of Angel Melendez. If anyone has seen Party Monster with MacCauley Culkin and Seth Green then you think you know the story of his case and probably don’t like him very much.  The book states that it is “Based on a True Story”, meaning it’s mostly true.  If you read the book or see the movie you think that Michael was angry with Angel and over drugs, that his friend “Freeze” took the metal edge of a hammer and beat Angel in the head, and that the two of them injected his body with drano, chopped him up, hid him under the coffee table and then waited to throw his body in the river.  What happened (read the case transcripts) is that Angel attacked Michael over an argument they had earlier at the Limelight (under investigation at the time) and shoved him into a glass china cabinet (police reports confirmed evidence of the only crime scene blood being Michael’s), that Angel was hit with the wooden end of the hammer. and that he actually died from asphyxiation (they believe he accidentally–hence “manslaughter” crushed his windpipe), not head injury or drano.

Basically, they got into a fight while on drugs and one overpowered the other.  Everyone in the apartment at the time believed that Angel was knocked out and not dead which is why they all went on doing what they were doing.

Now, is this a horrible case–yes.  Absolutely.  He spent 17 years in jail on a manslaughter charge for it.

He’s out now and trying to do something with his life.

James St. James the person who wrote the book is still friends with him and admits to some fabrication to sell more books, but the damage to his reputation is already done.  He killed someone and that is the end of that, as they say.

The problem is that he man is out and what happens now?

Our judicial system is such that you cannot be imprisoned forever unless you’ve committed murder in the 1st or 2nd or operated Silk Road apparently.

Right now he has to make money so he’s not living off of public assistance, but how?  How does he do that?  Who will hire a famous murderer?  Answer: Not even McDonalds.

So he has to freelance or self-promote.

How do you do that when to do so makes you look like you are without remorse?

That’s the trick.

Michael Alig is in a terrible position.  He has been judged a sociopath because of the movie so his options on what to say or do are very limited.

If he cries and says how horrible he feels about what he’s done, he’ll be accused of trying to inspire sympathy and take the attention off of the crime.

If he doesn’t talk about it, people will think he doesn’t care.

It’s the Kobiashi Maru, the unwinnable program.

His choices are now to kill himself or forget public opinion and move on, do quiet charity work, and live his life.

Why his case moves me is not that I’ve been “won over” by him, but because I “get it”.  We’ve all done things that we can’t take back.  Some of us have done pretty bad things, and to cry over them makes it seem like we’re being dramatic and taking away attention from the people we’ve hurt (even if we truly feel bad), and to move on makes people think that we don’t feel appropriately guilty enough.

Most of us don’t have to live with having killed someone.  We don’t have the unforgivable to live with.

What Michael Alig does now and in his future could very well be the key to how people who have cheated, hit someone, hurt someone, fallen into addiction, abandoned their families find a path to redemption.  If he is able to overcome, move on, and do good with his life, then there is hope for others.

You’ve got to route for that.


Bitch, I’m Madonna…Bitch, I wouldn’t say that too loud after the video dropped

Hello, I’m filling in for my friend because the last Game of Thrones destroyed her life.  I’ll try to keep the writing up in the spirit of how she intended it.

If you haven’t seen the video, here is the link to Madonna’s official VEVO and I’ll try to embed it.

Here are my thoughts on the video and song

  1. It sucks.  The song is all autotune and repetitive and not in a good way.  It’s boring, droll, terrible, and boring (yes, it was so boring I had to say it twice).  I don’t know who helped her write this or produced it, but it’s the worst thing I have probably ever listened to in my life.  I mean it is so bad it made me want to cry.  I’d be embarrassed for her if she wasn’t a billionaire, now I just want to throw up on her until she stops making shitty music.
  2. It’s derivative.  Ghost Town was at least visually cool to watch.  This is like watching a Miley Cyrus video only with less money in the production.  Does anyone remember when she reinvented herself and did forward things?  Me, either.
  3. She’s being “cool mom” and again, I’d be embarrassed for her but she’s a billionaire so “fuck her”.

Oooh, look I’m wearing leopard spots!

Oooh, I made out with a girl!

Oooh, I have Nikki Minaj rapping about me in my video!

Here is the thing, there are ages to life.  You can be sexy, attractive, and bang who ever you want at any age, but if you try to act like you’re 19 people are going to question it.  Not because of ageism as in 56 year olds can’t be cool, but because most people at 19 don’t know how to dress, act, and are generally insipid.

I know I was.  I don’t want to be 19 again.  25 was a good age.  30 was great.  If I could do a maintain and hold patter it would be at 30.

What is sexier (be honest now) this with the grills and weird cheeks:

or this:

Helen is ten years older and after consulting with the guys around here, apparently more “bangable”.

Let’s also discuss how this pushing of the LGBT thing is backfiring…

When something becomes pop culture, which it now is, people get tired of it and move on.  I was an LGBT activist years ago.  I canvassed, went door to door, and did everything I could to push forward the marriage equality movement in my own state because I felt it was right and important.  But now it has become “pop”.  Gays are being token people (and allowing this to happen) in shows, movies, and every talk show forces some “gay” thing like Chris Pratt in high heels–what?  It’s like come on now, why?  What purpose does that serve?

I feel like gay people are being props along the way of commercial types being made more money.  Their lives have become minstrel shows for the Miley Cyruses of the world, and as a result it’s a turnoff.  I don’t want that to be a turnoff for me when I used to feel so strongly about it.

At this point I am so sick of watching this joke play out that I almost want to put on a Burqa and hide.

Madonna kissing women in her video has stopped being subversive and is now boring as shit.  Anyone can kiss a girl, Madonna.  It’s how you get free drinks in bars.

Lastly, now that her hair is pink I must look for a new color. Blue?

Thank You Caitlyn Jenner & Rachel Dolezal for Bringing it to the Table

Today I am FINALLY having some of the best discussion with other women around me and for that reason I thank both of these women for bringing it to the table.

Politics and social activism has perpetuated itself into the scientific realms though use of protocols written to achieve a particular result.  Gender studies are not hard sciences.  When you receive that type of degree you are not flushed into the world or rigorous calculus and the same level of statistics coursework that a neurologist must take.  The research is performed to substantiate a thesis and the tests are conducted and structured with questions to do the same. As tobacco companies proved it is easy to substantiate any theorem if you write the protocol.

Gender, I was told, was a construct.  What I felt inside, my women’s studies professors told me was a result of patriarchal conditioning blah blah blah.

Transwomen are allowed to say what I cannot say, express what I cannot express and not be beaten for not being “feminist” enough.  Their “cred” in the progressive world is the fact that they were born men.  When transwoman Julia Serano says that gender is not performance because she felt like a female on the inside, she’s believed.  When I, a biological woman, says it is not, I’m told that I’m wrong and x,y,z study done in the UK says differently.

In fact, when Elinor Burkett discusses that womanhood is an experience based on having vaginas (not front holes) not instincts, that what I associate with being a woman is simply conditioning and social constructs I begin to think with everything else going on that maybe there is something to all this “The Female Brain” hardwiring stuff.  Given that the brains of transwomen has similarities to that of biological women, maybe we should drop the idea that gender is performance?

Or at least be allowed to question it and not teach it with a religious zeal in our nation’s colleges?

Look most of the days I could not tell you what it feels like to be a woman, I just feel like “me”.  I couldn’t define what it is to be a woman, outside of things feminists don’t want me to identify it by like having babies or getting pregnant.  They’d rather be identify womanhood by external forces like rape or lower salaries.

I grew up with a fist in the air, braless, Gloria Steinem loving feminist and a father too meek to say anything, and yet I’m not.  The most influential people to me didn’t change how I feel inside anymore than straight parents can influence their gay kids to be straight.

And vice versa for the bigots.

i see a baby and something changes inside me.  I see little kids and I want to nurture them.  My extremely butch lesbian friend who hates EVERYTHING feminine told me that she likes kids and is good with babies she just doesn’t want to physically have one.

When pre-Caitlyn Bruce Jenner said he always wanted to wear dresses and loves makeup, feminists deep down cringes, but had to shut up and ignore 20 years of gender studies training in order to conform with the latest progressive pet social issue.

I don’t say that to diminish it, it’s just the latest social issue now that gays have pretty much made it to the table.

Now that the word is on the table we have to look at it, poke it a bit and figure out what it means and acknowledge what hard science has told us for some time–that our brains are different.

And according to neurologists, it is for transpeople, too.

Accepting that men and women are different doesn’t mean you can’t love sports, have to stay home and raise kids, or any of that, it just means that it’s okay if you want to and feel the need to.  As someone with more than one degree, I can tell you I’ve received more peer pressure from people wanting me to not be a stay at home, girlie girl type than those that do.  In fact, no one has pressured me in my entire lifetime to do that.

So I thank Caitlyn Jenner for opening that dialogue that we need to have now before we fuck with evolution too quickly.  It’s a slow process, let it happen.

And Rachel Dolezal also brought a lot of good questions to the table in terms of “what is culture” because race doesn’t exist from a scientific POV.  Given that humans have a lot of sex, the idea of purism or race is likewise negated by animal instinct.  No one is all white, or all black.

But people embrace “blackness” and black culture and it is important to them to have their own separate space.  Most of society would say that they are allowed, but that’s collectivist thinking.

How are we really defined?  By others?  By ourselves?

This woman with just good foundation and a stylist who can perform miracles with perms managed to be so culturally authentic as to become the head of the Seattle NAACP.  Until her parents blew the lid, she was perceived by others as black.  Heck, she perceives herself as black.

I find this fascinating because it opens up the veins–what are we?

  • I think, therefore I am.
  • So believeth a man in his heart, so is the man.
  • You are what you say you are.
  • Believe it and you’ll become it.

Isn’t this the stuff of motivational posters?  She chose to be black and could pass as black.  She chose to be marginalized instead of reaping the benefits of being white.  That’s like a novel waiting to happen, but it’s real.

This week has blown my mind in a good way.

Rachel Dolezal: the Struggle is Real

This Rachel Dolezal thing has brought everyone out of the woodwork to demonize her, mostly so that they can defend transgender people (as if transgender people won’t still eat pizza and visit with their friends tonight because of her).  I have read every magazine in the world try to pretend that this is nothing like transgender, and every argument is a result of emotional attachment to the subject, not actual logic or reason. Do I think it is like transgender?  Not really, but that’s not my point.  My point is the arguments we use to frame things are really fucked up lately.

Jezebel and Gawker say that it is different because blacks have a culture and experience as a black person, while woman apparently do not have experiences that identify them as women.

What?  You gotta give me something better than that.  While not every woman will experience these things due to medical issues, timing, choice and availability 95-99% of us will live with or be in fear of:

  • Menstruation
  • Accidental pregnancy
  • Need for birth control
  • Childbirth
  • Lower pay
  • Sexual Assault and Violence

How is this different again?  Will a biological man experience a period, accidental pregnancy?  Do men leave a store and run to their car at night because they’re afraid of being raped?  From WOAR: http://www.woar.org/resources/sexual-assault-statistics.php

1 in 3 American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime. (George Mason University, Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, 2005)
1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18. (Finkelhor et al., 1990)
In 2002 247,730 people were raped/sexually assaulted in the US, according to a National Crime Victimization Survey (www.ncvc.org)
In 2002, 54% of rapes and sexual assaults were reported to the police (www.ncvc.org)
Every 2 minutes someone somewhere in America is sexually violated (www.rainn.org)
So if the offense is appropriating a ___________ because people who are ______________ have had violence or discrimination placed against them then it does fit.
Give me a better argument because that one doesn’t work.
Hear me out on this because I’m going somewhere with it–and now where you think.
The fact is I honestly don’t give a shit what anyone, Rachel or Caityln, chooses to identify as because it is nothing to my life.  What I don’t like is dishonest arguments, bad arguments, and emotional based online yelling.  I also don’t like arguments that define us by the negative experience of our ____________ versus the positive.
I could care less about someone appropriating my victimization but others do.  A lot of women in private do resent MTF transwomen for trying to “own” our struggle.  They may not write it online because they are fearful of being stigmatized, but this week alone I have heard and read several riotgurrl types discussing which social justice cause to cling to and it’s bullshit.  The only reason why this is confusing for people is because we have begun to identify ourselves by the negative instead of the positive.
What I like about transgender women is that they like to celebrate the “girlie,” something that feminists have shoved as far away from our identity as possible–my own mother included.  I love everything that Bruce Jenner said he loved to Diane Sawyer that she pretended to hate (as she’s sitting there cloaked in makeup under vaseline lens on the camera).  Caityln Jenner embraces the girlie and quite frankly I like that so much better than pretending that we women don’t like that.
Truth is most of us do.  Yep, I said it.  Sorry, not sorry.
This transwoman at the Guardian lost her shit over this subject.  I’d go into the whole article but this is the last part of it:

The people comparing Dolezal to trans people are depicting our actions as rooted in the same deceptions as hers: her apparent use of skin-darkening agents and products to change the texture of her hair are, implicitly or explicitly, likened to what “men” – to use a trans woman’s example – doing what we do to “deceive” people into thinking we are women. But Dolezal engaged in such actions in order to be perceived as black, in a racialized American environment where that matters. Trans people transition in order to be the gender we feel inside and, while there may come a time when posers will appropriate trendy trans culture for profit, right now, there’s no advantage to transitioning when you’re not trans. Trans people don’t even have the legal protections – like laws that protect access to housing, public accommodation and employment opportunities – that black people and other racial minorities have fought so hard to win.

Though I can’t live in Dolezal’s shoes and can’t understand her motivations, to me, her long history of fighting for black civil rights makes me at least a little empathetic to the decision, however ill-advised, however she arrived at it, that she made to identify as black: at least she didn’t just co-opt black culture for profit without having any real concern for black people. The people using her mistakes to try to “understand” or “explain” the experiences of trans people have none of my empathy; they’re simply propagating the stereotype that trans people are out to fool the rest of you. I don’t need to pass as a woman the way Dolezal needs to pass as black, for the simple reason that I am a woman.

Her problem is that she’s assuming Dolezal’s intentions as to why she became black.  I understand Meredith’s concerns because conservatives are having a field day over this mess, but what she’s doing to Dolezal to try and prevent the conservative “GOTCHA” is just as wrong.  She assumes that Dolezal adopted black culture out of a need to fool people versus her genuine belief that she is black.  She chose willingly to be a member of a victimized class of people, allowed herself to be victimized purposefully.

It’s not like she’s trying to “fool” people into believing she’s a religious figure to get money or something positive out of the deal.  She chooses to be marginalized.  That’s how deep her love for blacks went that she became one.

I’m not being funny or sarcastic.

I believe Rachel Dolezal became black.  People believed she was black.  She lived like a black person for nearly as many years as a white person.  Adopted her black brother, married a black man, and obviously believes that she black.

Look–science has proved race is a construct.  If it’s not then we can start to say that white people are ____________ and attribute why whites are at the top to racial bullshit.  It’s somewhere no one wants to go, not just because it is unscientific, but because it plays right into the hands of bigoted people who want any excuse to say that blacks are stupid and unworthy.

“Black” is a culture, and in fact, the only genuine All-American culture that we have.  Most of our popular words and phrases–heck our music came from blacks.  Black culture is an undeniable, organic product that everyone enjoys some aspect of.  So when writer, Meredith Talusan says:

The Spokane NAACP president outed as white chose to pass as black. Transgender people are just being themselves when they transition

She denies that black culture is American culture.  She’s passing as another American.  She’s just being herself.

When you grow up in black neighborhoods, you’re not pretending to be anything.  You are reflective of the culture and people around you.  Eminem could answer every single #askrachel question, too.  I could!  I enjoy all things “black” and I don’t think to myself anymore, “I am going to like this black music”.  I gravitate to it organically.

Now, I don’t call myself black.  I also don’t label myself as a woman either.  I’m an individual.  However, as far as I knew, Rachel didn’t either.  She avoided that question entirely according to those around her.  She did what she did and let people assume.

American black culture belongs to America.

If you go to any country in Africa, no one there could answer any of the questions on twitter #askrachel.  They wouldn’t know about red koolaid, country crock, cooking grease, grape drink, and any of the other questions being asked of Rachel–but she could.  They also refuse to claim black Americans.

The struggle of black Americans is real, no doubt.  Blacks are unduly targeted by police, they are seen as an economic and sometimes criminal underclass by bigots and assholes.  They deal with bullshit I will never deal with in many ways.

Which is why I don’t understand the arguments of people who seem to think she got something out of “pretending to be black”.  People who claim she was “using” black culture should explain what she gained?  As a female she didn’t get any special privilege that I wouldn’t get. —and Meredith is wrong about trans not having protections.  As a MTF she does have them. Women and blacks are categorized the same under EEO laws. Back to Rachel, what did she get from this?  She didn’t get a check or to cut to the front of the line at the movies, she didn’t get free stuff, she didn’t get cops treating her better or store clerks catering to her.

Tell me, what she got out of this?

Now, unless we’re saying that victimization is its own reward, she got nothing.  And if it is, well, that says something about our modern culture that I find sick and deleterious.

Rachel Dolezal did more than just embrace black culture, she ran from a family that seems to be a total nightmare.  No one is even thinking about her parents except me and Sean Ono Lennon

He said:

Real issue w Dolezal to me is how can any parent rat their mentally unbalanced child out to media shark frenzy?

Exactly.  It is obvious to me that Rachel Dolezal didn’t just want to be black, she no longer wanted to be Rachel Dolezal.  Her parents adopted four black kids, one of which she had to remove from their custody and raise as her own due to claims of mistreatment.

What did they do to her?

Any parent who would do what hers did, embarrassing, humiliating, and effectively destroying their child’s life are horrible parents.  This is shit you do in private, not shit you go the media about.

Was it right for her to let people think she was black? I don’t think there is an answer to that.  It depends on how you define right?  Did she do physical harm to an individual by doing what she did?  No.  No lives were effected.  In fact, Twitter had the most fun day ever with #askrachel.  Blacks all over America will get up tomorrow and still have whatever lives they were going to lead.  Black men will still get hassled by cops, black women will still be judged for their “tones”, they will still face bigotry and racism that they would have before.

But yesterday they had a helluva lot of fun on Twitter.

I see her as someone to be pitied.  I see her struggle as a mental disorder.  I don’t think she was trying to hurt anyone.  I think she had a sincere love of black people and hurt absolutely no one.  Black people all over social media actually were enjoying the fuck out of her and probably laughed more than they had in years over white people bullshit.

I guess I’m not seeing the damage to anyone but her.

Transracial #RachelDolezal, Social Media Meltdown and Actual Science

Lets get this out of the way.  Race is a social construct. There is no scientific evidence for it at all.  Scientists in the fields of biology and evolutionary biology agree that there is no actual thing as race, which is pretty much why racism is stupid.  All humans are 99.9% the same genetically, per the mapping of the Human Genome Project.

Both in federally funded scientific research and in increasingly popular practice—such as ancestry testing, which often purports to prove or disprove membership in a particular race, group, or tribe—genetic testing has appeared to lend scientific credence to the idea that there is a biological basis for racial categories.

In fact, “There is no genetic basis for race,” says Fullwiley, who has studied the ethical, legal, and social implications of the human genome project with sociologist Troy Duster at UC, Berkeley.

In spite of this, Twitter has blown up with the story of Rachel Dolezal who has been the president of her chapter of the NAACP for some time and actually has a condition known as transracism, which some say is similar to transgenderism.

Some say.

Not black people or transgender women.  Just other people.

Here she is being asked if she’s black:

According to her family, her race change happened when they adopted black children and she wanted to be just like them.  She felt like she identified with the black “race” and believes she is black so much that she tans herself and wears hair that looks like what black girls in my neighborhood called “good hair”.

Transgender activists have come down hard on the bitch saying that this is NOTHING like what it is to be transgender, and race activists on twitter were saying that its unfair to “appropriate a marginalized class” if you’re not one.

That’s no argument.  Women are marginalized, but it’s okay to be transgender females even if they waited until they were 66 and made their millions first.

Saying it’s borrowing marginalization is just not good enough to say that what she did was wrong. That said, I think her parents were right in saying pretty much “bitch is crazy.”

Back in my neighborhood I was told that my skin color was frosting and if you scratch it off I’m black.  Now, that was a compliment and a way of telling me i was loved, and I appreciate it.  It doesn’t mean I’ll go around and tell people I’m black.  I do highly identify with black culture because of where I was raised, but I’m not black.  BUT if someone asked me if I feel black, i would actually say “sometimes yes”.  I was raised in an area that was 99.9% black.  The music I listened to was black music, the clothing I wore was black urban, the movies I enjoyed were black movies–black culture is in many ways my culture, but I’m white and that’s okay.

You see, it really doesn’t matter if I’m white or black.  Color, gender, etc none of that is scientific at all.  Both gender and race are social constructs.

Despite countless studies, no one can prove any real substantial neurological links regarding transgenderism.  We believe it exists due to politics, mainly, because there is limited hard science on it.  There is some correlation between white cells (that also exist in homosexual study subjects) and how they react in the brain to emotions, as well as, some behavioral studies on body dysmorphia and how it pertains to gender, but nothing concrete that you can point to with a “there it is” like cancer or bipolarism.

So why if that science is limited does society not allow for other areas yet explained?

There is a progressive goal to say that people should be allowed to be who they believe they are, live as they believe they are, and exist on their own terms with acceptance from all.

It is a libertarian goal to allow individuals to do their own funky thing.

Accepting either of those means you do also have to accept transracial people because your offense at what they believe does not prohibit their self-acceptance and belief.  Women cannot stop people from labeling themselves trans because they are offended by transwomen adopting the word “woman” or “female” nor can blacks stop her because they are offended.

Do a DNA test if you don’t believe me.  You’re 99.9% just like everyone else.

Charlamagne the God, a black rapper for those not in the know,  In an interview says:

“If Bruce Jenner can be a woman Rachel Dolezal can be black,” the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club co-host tweeted. “So how can Bruce Jenner identify with what he wants to identify with but Rachel Dolezal can’t? I’m confused about this… Hold up so you can be transgender in America but not transracial?”

“It’s ok to say Rachel Dolezal is crazy for identifying as black but say Caitlyn is crazy and you’re transphobic,” he wrote. “If you think transracial is b.s. Then you must think being transgender is b.s too.”

Now, because unlike neurologists and biologists, people just “know” he’s wrong and that transgender is real but transracial is not real they will say that he’s wrong.  They also say that body dysmophia is also unlike genderdysmorphia because one is a mental illness and the other not.

I argue what is one person’s mental illness is another person’s life.

I suffer from depression and when people say I am mentally ill, I also find that stigmatizing.  I write some of my best fiction and music when depressed and would not at all ever change myself even with the downside to it.  On meds I feel a vast nothingness and never want to write or compose.

If we are moving to a post-gender society as some want, we should move to a postracial society, too.

Or better yet, we move to a human society of freethinking individuals who self-identify and freely associate with whom they choose, eh?

We move to a world of individuality versus forced collectivisation (which is exactly what is happening thanks to the postgender types who want me to change my terminology about myself to meet something amorphous).  Individuals rule!

If we lose labels altogether, as I argue then people can truly be themselves, identify themselves and live as they choose.

Or we can pop some popcorn and watch how this latest shit with #RachelDolezal blows up the Internet and then turn on the racial draft.  I’m not ready to give up Eminem, are you?

Why Voluntarist Chicks Should Have More Sex with Voluntarists

The US State Department through some bullshit treaty has usurped the First Amendment by making that above video illegal.

The man in that video is suing the US government on our behalf for the right to Free Speech.  Now, regardless of whether or not you believe in what he’s saying you should at least believe in his First Amendment right to say it.

Now, now, I know the #gunsense people out there want all guns gone, but do you want your speech gone?  Once you allow government to set a precedence like this, that right doesn’t return.  Look at the Patriot Act.  No one wants it, everyone rights their Congressmen to get rid of it, people fillibuster it, it’s still there.  You think Dems will always be in control, but what about when they’re not?

Do you want to your speech removed some day because a treaty we have with another country that doesn’t like your pet cause obligates YOU to shut up about it?

From Reason

Some alarming language from the proposed regs:

The requirements of paragraph (b) are not new. Rather, they are a more explicit statement of the ITAR’s requirement that one must seek and receive a license or other authorization from the Department or other cognizant U.S. government authority to release ITAR controlled ‘‘technical data,’’ as defined in § 120.10. A release of ‘‘technical data’’ may occur by disseminating ‘‘technical data’’ at a public conference or trade show, publishing ‘‘technical data’’ in a book or journal article, or posting ‘‘technical data’’ to the Internet. This proposed provision will enhance compliance with the ITAR by clarifying that ‘‘technical data’’ may not be made available to the public without authorization. Persons who intend to discuss ‘‘technical data’’ at a conference or trade show, or to publish it, must ensure that they obtain the appropriate authorization.

As readers of Reason know well, Cody Wilson is living proof the government has already been acting on the belief they have this power to prevent certain technical details about gun making from spreading to the Internet without their approval—in Wilson’s case, CAD files to for a 3D printed plastic handgun. And they’ve already been sued for it by Wilson.

So what does gun control have to do with smashing hot libertarian and voluntarist guys?  Not much, I just discovered recently that they’re just basically hotter and I’m shallow.  Kidding…sort of.  Sort of kidding, anyway…they are out there actually DOING things like suing the State Department to advance our rights while the NRA sends out the usual “Write Your Congressmen” #2a letters.

Quit Trying to Make Caitlyn Happen

At my local Walmart is a MTF transwoman who works as a cashier.  I do not live in a city.  I live in a rural area and drive 20 minutes to this small town Walmart.  So does she probably.  She has an adam’s apple, patches where hair still grows in spite of the drugs she takes so by a certain point in every single day this woman has facial hair.  Her hairline is still that of a man’s and she keeps her eyes down as she checks you out.

That, to me, is “brave.”

Getting up and going to work every day in a place where you will be scrutinized over and over–no matter what you do or how you act,… is brave.  Oh sure, there will be people who sympathize and are nice but she’s treated differently.  I always am “extra” nice, but that’s even treating her differently.  Humans are the product of 100’s of thousands of years of evolution and profiling/scrutiny is part of being a predator.  People will always notice differences, be it super beauty, a misplaced mole, a derp eye or an adam’s apple and there is nothing to be done about it.  That is reaction #1.

This woman didn’t have $70k for facial feminization surgery or an extra $20k for boobs.  She has whatever boobs came in as a result of hormones, and she has whatever softening of features the hormones provide.  Everyone looks at her, everyone knows that this was a man who is transitioning, and everyone “wonders.”  I admit that I do wonder if she has male organs (probably) because I cannot help myself.  I want to be better, but I’m not.

This is her life every single day.

My friend Name Withheld has a student loan’s worth of expenses to pay off her surgery and laser treatment, but if I’m 100% honest you can also still tell by looking at her.  Her life daily is to have people “know.”  Because she also can’t have the benefit of the best plastic surgeons, Annie Liebowitz taking her picture, and the hammering support of a 90% progressive-run press she has no one to run cover for her transition.

These transwomen are brave.

So when I read Laverne Cox, someone else with the best wig stylists, makeup artists, plastic surgeons, etc on the cover of Entertainment Weekly talking about the Transformation of America, where she calls Caitlyn brave i don’t gush and fall over myself like everyone else seems to.  I start to think that Laverne is more clueless than I used to.

She’s not brave.  She has had as many kids as Michelle Duggar, all of them left behind and many still bitter about her lack of contact as she moved into the Kardassian Klan.  She was a failure to the kids she has since one of them has been banged by a 25 year old married man with a kid since she was 16 years old if his twitter account was accurate.  She lied to her last wife for 23 years of marriage, and suddenly comes out when it is no longer worrisome and with every magazine in the world pimping you hard and calling you beautiful, with ESPN giving her a high five when she hasn’t run a mile since the 70’s over cancer patients, vet amputees in triathalons, …I can’t anymore.

You know who is a brave transwoman?

Exposes the US government’s bullshit, goes to prison, and the last and only picture of her as a woman that is immortalized is that of a black and white car photo where she wears a bad wig.  No surgery, no Annie Liebowitz, no Laverne Cox interview.

Just jail time and people forgetting about her.

So, call me a bitch, call me a bigot, call me done.