The Tea on Fiverr

Fiverr, it’s time for tea.

Freelance writing requires customers, unfortunately.  Customers don’t find you.  You have to actually go find them.  I thought I could just sit home and be fabulous and my fairy godmother would eventually show up with team of customers in tow or a winning lottery ticket.  Sadly this is not the case.  You actually have to sign up with a million different websites and be more fabulous than everyone else on there.  It’s true.  Being able to survive off your writing requires a lot of effort.

Who knew?

One of the websites I was hearing mixed things about from friends was Fiverr.   You create a gig, you post it along with several other million people and you wait.  You will (if you’re lucky) get a job, jump up and down over the first customer you receive, complete the order quickly and wait for them to review you. Fourteen days later you get paid (minus their 20% commission) a grand total of $4 for your basic gig.  If you’ve been on the website a month you can enhance your gig with “extras” which works out well if you’re a graphic artist, less so if you’re a copywriter, but we’ll get to that later.

The Downside of Being a Fiverr Ghostwriter

Like most of these sites, the company makes money from the buyers, not the sellers.  There’s a million of you that they support, so you matter less than the buyer.  That’s just business, there’s nothing personal about it.  What that means is that you are at the mercy of the buyer.  If they say you turn in a horrible product and rate you at “0” you’re stuck with that rating.  Fiverr allows you to rate them, as well, but no one is going to turn down a buyer even with a poor rating.  Sellers, however, will get turned down in hot minute over it.  This is the reality of selling your content writing or ghost writing services on Fiverr, or any other freelance website for that matter.  You are at the mercy of the customer.

You are also, unfortunately, at the mercy of a website that has outsourced all customer service to a group that has no phone support, and addresses complaints at the rate slower than a maple syrup drip.  My housemate is also on Fiverr and had a technical issue that prevented him from seeing his To Do list and ended up having orders come and go without him knowing and his rating slide from 100% to somewhere in the 70 percentile.  They are still going back and forth as to how to fix his rating after this and I believe he started that process a month ago.

So, understand that you may need to have multiple browsers that you check constantly to ensure that you can see all of your orders and if there’s a problem you may find that there is no immediate solution.

The Upside to Fiverr

The upside is basically an opportunity for you to connect with customers and earn some money.  I created an account on Fiverr a month ago but I hesitated to put a huge amount of effort into it because of my housemate’s issues with the software and subsequent struggles to get his rating amended.  I made several gigs and happened to get an order that first day.  A huge thanks to RightPet, by the way.  I was able to write about my pets as my first Fiverr job.  With all the freelance items I have written about, trust me, writing about my favorite furry friends was a breeze.

–As an aside, all tea, no shade Right Pet is a great website.  Check it out.  Also if you have a Great Pyrenees, chat them up.  More people need to hear about how awesome they are.  Back to Fiverr…

Another feature that Fiverr has that I do like quite a bit is the ability to do buyer requests, this is where a Buyer posts what they want and you bid on it.  Unfortunately, if your rating goes below 90% you can’t bid on any.  This is why my friend is so bummed out because his ratings got killed and now he can’t use one of their most important features.  Today I bid on several so I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not I get any of them.

I also like how the site is styled.  Much better than Freelancer.  You feel “hip” just being on it.  I feel like instead of me sitting in my bedroom in my pajamas and drinking old coffee from a chipped mug, I’m a successful ghost writer in a coffee shop in New York busting a move on my Macbook Pro.

As of right now, I don’t have enough tea on Fiverr to give a full review, so I’ll say that its certainly worthy of trying out and if you’re going to do so make sure you have photoshop to create your gig ads, the ability to post a video, and several browsers to check out.

Until next time…


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