Today is the Day to Get Serious about Blogging

Content writing, blogging, freelance writing…yaaaaa hunties, that is what I do for a living and what I should have been more serious about marketing for some time.  My excuse was that I could make a living blogging and content writing–and I did.  I just haven’t succeeded at this freelance thing in the way I would have hoped to do.

So, this blog is hopefully going to be a cathartic, self deprecating look at my freelance existence, the highs and lows, and all the “tea” I can share with others who are considering going into this line of work.

I spent years writing for a major company, business development writing, proposal writing, website content writing, white papers, user manuals–you name it, I wrote it.  I did it so well I was promoted over and over until the day the company did so well it was bought out by a large Fortune 500 and all the executive staff (that’s me) was replaced with a crappy package (yes, I am giving the Tea) and send on our way.

Naturally this happened right as the entire economy was collapsing so I had to compete with other executives at a time when 80% of us were out of work.  You’d think this is where I fell into freelance writing, and you’d be wrong.  No, no, I decided to teach high school students Latin for two years.  Why?  Why not?

I was actually very happy teaching high school Latin.  The kids went from knowing nothing to competing in Latin competitions that same year and I felt good about myself and my decision.  It was a lovely time for me until the private schools was bought out (sensing a theme here?) and they replaced the entire staff with people who were willing (unlike me) to sign a morality clause that included certain things that I felt had nothing to do with morals.  So I took my morals off to Starvation Avenue and tried to figure out what the heck I should do now.

This is when I began my journey as a freelance copywriter.

A freelance copywriter sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  Well, it did for me, too.  Until the reality of getting clients set in.  I’ve used multiple sites and am going to review them for you, help you with the ups and downs of content writing, give you the tea on sites like Freelancer or Fiverr, and anything else I can think of.

Hopefully, we can help each other along the way and…make us some money, honey!



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