Farm Living is the Life for Me!

Green Acres is the place to be, farm living is the life for me.  Land spreading out so far and wide, good by gracious now give me the countryside!

I was watching this on TVLand or something similar to it and I was reminded of “me” about 7 years ago.

Today I am happily sharing space on a lovely little farm, milking goats (don’t ask), gathering eggs (really, really don’t ask), and playing with my dogs (okay, you can ask).  I had intended to use this blog to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a ghost writer in an unkind world, but one of my clients sort of jerked me out of my Russian fatalism (is there any other kind?) and had me recount my tales of egg gathering on his website.

It’s funny how life changes you.  Things you thought you wanted five years ago you no longer want.  Things you hated you now love.  Times that completely destroyed your will to go on when you were going through them, you look back and laugh about.  I discussed on RightPet dot com my travails with the donated rooster, Foghorn the leghorn in my post: Super Egg Laying Chicken from the Depths of Hell.

It is a 100% true story about a rooster that I hated with the same passion I hated pimples at 16, exams in undergrad, and waking up to find my first gray hair.  It was the type of driving hate that you turn into an obsession that no one else understands, but here I am two years later giggling as I recount our entry into Mortal Kombat.

I think Brett (thanks Brett) reminded me a little something about life today and I thank him profusely for that.  No matter what, keep going.  What you don’t think you want today you may love tomorrow.

Ten years ago I wanted nothing more than to go to New York and become a famous writer.  Today I want nothing more than to see my tomato seeds sprout.

Here’s to you, Foghorn!


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