Fiverr Review: Day Three

So it’s day three as a ghost writer on Fiverr and about do do another Fiverr Review.  Want to see my ad?

Fiverr Ghost Writer
Fiverr Ghost Writing Ad

I know what you’re thinking: I need a new way of doing my hair because the frilly cap does nothing for me.

So in three days I have managed to get 3 customers and delivered $60 in ghost writing to them with 5 Star Reviews.  Go me!  I’m not sure how it happened since my roommate has been on for months, had a software breakdown (their fault–I bear witness) and is a far better writer than me without the same type of luck at attracting customers for freelance writing.

Mostly he does press releases and was foolish enough to say he’d do them overnight for $5.  I use the Scotty approach to customers.  I make them believe that it is way, way too hard to do all that work overnight, make it a 2-3 day gig, and somehow get it all to them in 3 hours.  I look like a miracle worker.  Managing client expectations is all a part of the job.  Ghost writing and blogging are undervalued professions, so you have to be friendly, affable, and deal with their expectations no matter how unreasonable.

I’ve been lucky.  My main client on Fiverr has been the nicest guy and the work that I’ve been asked to do is honest, easy, and (best of all) fun.  We all know that there is a difference in writing about plumbing and writing about pets, and I’ve been fortunate with this client to get to write about pets.  So thank you RightPet!  I love you guys!

So far, so good for me on Fiverr.  My blogging gig and my ghost writing gigs are getting a lot of traffic so far, so I have to give Fiverr a tentative thumbs up.


2 thoughts on “Fiverr Review: Day Three

  1. Thanks Miss B – it’s been a privilege to hear your tales of animal adventure. I would recommend that you stay away from roosters however. I think “Foghorn” and his ilk have it in for you! Brett (RightPet)


    1. I never wanted to commit chicken murder so hard in my whole life! I do love a Silkie, however.

      Guys, do not believe Warner Bros and Bugs Bunny–Leghorn Roosters are not helpful!

      And any of my readers who are digging into the comment section–please go to RightPet and chat up your ami-nals (yes, purposeful mispelling).


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