Press Releases: The Tea Behind Writing Them

Press releases are a huge deal in the SEO content writing world these days thanks to PRWeb and other firms like them who distribute “press releases” across the interwebz (yes, I still live in 2008).  I put press release in quotes because what is being called a press release in today’s web world isn’t  really what you think of when you think press release.

Back in the Mad Men or It Happened One Night eras,  a press release was a way of owning how your message was delivered before that information was scooped by a reporter.  You set the tone, you preempted a reporter, and generally speaking were used by companies, entertainers, and politicians who wanted to avert a tragedy by releasing that information to the press themselves.  Sometimes, they were used when a major event or major product was about to hit the streets so that they could generate enough public interest prior to the event to make it a sensation.

Again, this used to be the process by which large corporations, celebrities, and politicians conveyed a message to an interested public.  Which is why it is so difficult at times to create a release for a new vitamin supplement no one has ever heard of before that has the same impact as Rand Paul or Elizabeth Warren declaring an official candidacy. The primary difference, and subsequent difficulty with writing them, is that the public is waiting on news like that, less so for a new type of vacuum cleaner.

So how do you write an engaging press release that will “trick” not only users, but also feeds and search engines into qualifying it as a legitimate press release and not toss it as SEO fodder while also being engaging?

The trick is to not treat it like an ezine article.  PRWeb may be forced to publish it, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be filtered on the web or get a wide release, and it certainly won’t mean that people actually give the proverbial shit. Excusez mon français !

Remember always that the press release may very well be the first thing anyone sees or hears about your company and if it is kluge-y, overly saturated with keywords, or just poorly written it says a lot about you.

Let’s create a small business as an example of a press release, say an HVAC service since summer is on the way.  Your business has been around for years, so you cannot use a grand opening theme.  Your prices have not changed either and you can’t really afford to reduce them.  What can you possibly use as a topic to craft a release around?

This type of scenario separates the women from the girls.

I will start to brainstorm around topics that the general public cares about and then retrofit them to the subject.  April 15th is coming up–are there tax breaks for new greener HVAC units?  Earth Day is also on the way– how will changing your filers conserve energy?  I keep thinking of ideas that people will search on instead of HVACs or whatever so that I can not only grab the people who are legitimately looking for that type of product but also those people searching for that “something else” and then become curious based off of the press release.

Once you have the idea you can put together a little something like this:

In Honor of Earth Day Warrenton Environmental HVAC Wants to Help You Become More Aware of How to Conserve Energy and Drop Your Electric Bills.

I will then do some research on cooling costs and things of that nature to insert facts from scientific institutes within the article just to make it look like my client cares about the subject, runs a classy establishment, and is successful business that doesn’t need your business but wants it.  Confidence, power, success, and another dose of confidence.

That is how you start writing press releases, or if you don’t feel like it…I’ll write it for you!

Press Release Jane


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