Microjob Sites, Are they Worth Your Time?

Microjob sites like Fiverr are becoming ever-so-popular search terms today.  People are looking for teeny tiny little ways to earn money as a freelancer.  I figured I would try out a few over the next few weeks and weigh in on them for you.  Many of the sites that talk about them haven’t been updated and are going off information on the About page.

Today I joined Click Chores.  I was apprehensive about doing this because the site looked cheap and that is the first thing a buyer or seller sees.  I also noted the pro-buyer leaning, which the rebel in me always resents.  <gets on soapbox> I’m not a communist, don’t get me wrong.  I am about the free markets, but there needs to be an understanding that without “producers” you can’t make money and with crappy and unhappy producers you make less money.  Things need to feel like a collaboration. <gets off soapbox>

This is similar to a crowdfund situation where there is a large and normally lengthy task that needs to be done quickly, so grab a bunch of workers working simultaneous on the task to get ‘er done.  As a result the workers get pennies for each little task (or sometimes a single penny or half-penny).We’ll see how this develops…


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