The Kit Harrington Obsession

So I was on Celebitchy and actually spent more than a cursory five seconds looking at the photos and taglines of the first page.  I stopped actually reading the articles there about two years ago when suddenly it became  something more along the lines of PoliticalBitchyWithCelebrityStuffThrownIn.  Look, we all have political leanings but when your website is “Celebitchy” and you’re are a celebrity blogger then blog about the celebrities.  Don’t insert your politics into it.  When we go to a Celebrity gossip site we are going for gossip, hunty!  If I want to eat your political leanings with my Lindsey Lohan falls off a curb and lands on Amanda Bynes story I’ll ask you how that pertains to the Obamas or abortion.  Until then show me some funny pictures and shade the heck out of these people, okay?  TMZ and Dlisted get the mix right.  Do they have some social and political issues swirled in?  Yes, but it is so slightly noticeable that I don’t notice.

Okay, enough ranting about Celebitchy, Pajiba, and other entertainment sites that take themselves too seriously.  Back to Kit Harrington, my obsession.

Celebitchy reworded a Page Six interview with Kit Harrington and snarked about his comments regarding the fact that being treated like a hunk is somewhat demeaning.  Let us view this hunk courtesy of Wiki commons:

Kit Courtesy of By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Kit Harrington Uploaded by Dudek1337) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Apparently the consensus of the crazy people over at Celebitchy is that this is somehow not a handsome man.

Really.  Kit Harrington is not handsome.  Kit Harrington.  Jon Snow Kit Harrington.  Kit Harrington with the perfectly curly espresso colored hair and delightful beard is not handsome.  In fact, that shady Kaiser said there are 16 people he would have sex with on Game of Thrones before Kit Harrington. Look we all know that this is a total lie and something you say to beautiful people so they don’t get so full of themselves.  If they were that uninteresting you’d have no reason to shade or rank them so, I’m side-eyeing you, Kaiser.


My future husband Kit is about to be on TV with regularity again when Game of Thrones starts back up and for the next few weeks he will be speaking with reporters, misquoted, and photographed…I cannot wait.  I find him a super extra delicious hunk (sorry Kit) of man.

And that’s the tea!


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