Fiverr Review: Day Four (Or is it 5? Who Cares, Read the Review)

Today is day 4ish on Fiverr.

I got my first tip on Fiverr and squealed.  Have no idea why.  I supposed my jaded black heart never suspected that someone would appreciate my writing or effort in such a way.  So before I get into the review, I want to take a moment to give a huge Thank You to Scrambugs

I wrote a blog post for them about my own personal nemesis: the Brown Marmorated StinkBug.  One of them tried to destroy me a year ago by crawling on my hand at night when I reached for my water glass.  It is now personal between them and myself.  Scraminator, I’m coming!

So back to my Fiverr review after a worthy detour to give a revenge shout-out against Stinkbugs.

Today I got three more assignments, but still haven’t cracked the code on how to become a Fiverr featured writer.  I went into the depths of the Fiverr forum to find out how this happens.  It’s not based on ratings, but a blithe and random review by Fiverr editors who cannot be reached by means known to man.  Getting in touch with someone there is like something out of the Odyssey.  I’m going to have to battle Sirens, witches, and finally sea serpents in order to speak to one of them.

After four days on Fiverr I’ve made approximately $130 (I think) and so far so good, have had only good clients and interesting topics to write about.  I love my pets and farm animals, got a few jobs with Rightpet.  I hate stinkbugs, got to write about how to kill them.  Live for makeup?  Got to write about Beauticontrol.  Right now, I’m feeling pretty darn good.

How are the rest of you feeling?


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