Fiverr Review: Day Four

Today I received three more clients wanting more of my “Write Your Sassy Blog Post” and that makes me pretty psyched at the moment.  I love the way the little Inbox lights up with a “Blue” circle.  Here’s my ad:

Blog Writing

Of the new clients I am a little nervous since I like to be prompt and one of them sent me a file to view that is supposed to allow me to start work, but I can’t view it no matter which viewer I use.  I wrote him or her back so we’ll see.

I’m haven’t had a $500 month like some on the forums are saying they are having, but if I keep the same pace I will make between $500 and 600.  I suppose I shall see if I have unlocked the key to this whole Fiverr experience in a few months, but for right now so far, so good.

I have heard the whole “you can make a living off of Fiverr” success stories, but I can’t in all honesty see where it would make you rich because they forbid direct client contact (which will mean you can never break free and get higher rates) and considering that after Fiverr takes it’s 20% and Paypal takes it’s cut that $5 turns to $3.80.    Even if you had 5 gigs a day which would be good for Fiverr as a writer, that’s only $15.20 a day.  I’m just not seeing how anyone could survive off of Fiverr unless what they gig’d was an executive service with lots of add ons and takes less time than it takes to write.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news with this Fiverr review but I really don’t think that Fiverr is the answer for freelancer writers unless it’s used solely as a stop gap measure.

I know you were expecting a better Fiverr review.  Sorry.


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