Tea with Manic Panic, in Search of Red Eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow, let’s talk.


Many moons ago I was in Nordstroms and ended up allowing myself to be painted with a deliciously gaudy mix of deep red and dark purple eyeshadows by MAC.  My friends were saying “too much” while my soul was saying “not enough”.  I left looking like a drag queen and that was just fine with me.  I’ll look like a drag queen and be fabulous!

Several years and various browns later I long for that same gorgeous look, only I don’t want to walk into Dillards right now because I won’t just leave with eyeshadow.  I went over to Google and began thirsting for red shadow and discovered that Manic Panic had some very similar colors to what I was looking for.  One reason why I decided to purchase from Manic Panic is their commitment to using products that are vegan.

I have a million skin allergies now caused by a developed (and lethal for me) allergy to PPD, which is found in a lot of hair dyes, mascaras, and even clothing.  When I have the option of 100% all vegan in a product I am going to take it.

So I ordered Wildfire (red), some Glam Glue, Nightshade, and Reptile Smile.  I attempted to recreate this:

Red eyeshadow can quickly look pink if the company does not invest in making it RED and I had a lot of difficulty recreating the drag look of my past.  You will use twice as much red from Manic Panic as you do from MAC’s line.  However, you will also pay more for MACs line of products.

I’m still on the search for a vibrant red shadow but I’m satisfied enough with Manic Panic’s line to say something nice about them.  I don’t get paid to talk about Manic Panic cosmetics.  This is just karma.  They make a safe product, and price it reasonably.  Well played Manic Panic.


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