Sheinside, Dresswe and Online Asian Clothing Stores

Ghost writing to fiction writing was supposedly going to be the theme of this blog but I’m bored and I prefer talking about makeup, hairstyles, clothing, purses and shoes, music, Kit Harrington, etcetera (at least today).

So I was at one of my random gossip sites and noticed an add for a seriously gorgeous dress that I would wear if I was a contestant on RPRDR (for those who live under a rock that’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race).   I can picture myself in this dress with gigantic blonde hair, lots of makeup and some slamming heels.  Not sure about the color for me hence the blonde hair, but I think if I had this gown I could reproduce Ru’s “Mother of the Bride” realness from Season 2.

Yes, mauve is a difficult color to wear.  Not everyone can.  Typically it is not my color, however, this dress is a color I can wear and either the Sangria is talking or it is gorgeous enough to have a baby with!

You’ll have to go to the site to check it out, zoom over the top on it.  Great illusion.

I also am in love, love with this one.  It has an Old Hollywood quality to it:

I really have nowhere that any of these dresses would be suited for, and yet, I want to buy one of them.  Why can’t their be more balls?  We need more balls!  Let’s start a revolution people–balls, balls, we need–oh.  That didn’t sound right.


Anyway, as you can see I’m not an affiliate, so when I send you there I get no money.  It’s more just me sharing with the universe.

And if someone buys one of them, send me a comment to tell me if it’s good quality.  I may have to pull a Blanche DuBois and start wearing them around the house.


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