Fiverr Review: Customer Service and Fiverr Help Desk Might As Well Be Non-Existent

My Fiverr review (s) are here to give you the good and bad of Fiverr.  I will start with the good.  I made $100 in 7 days and the work was fairly easy to do and the customers that I was able to bring in have all turned out to be lovely people.  I will continue to shout out everyone who helped me make this week a mini-success.  If had didn’t have other income sources, however, Fiverr still made me less money than working at McDonald’s.  I’ll come back to why that’s not a diss on McDonald’s later, but right now I want to talk about how my rating on Fiverr is on the edge of a knife right now through no fault of my own.

Fiverr Technical Support Provides No Real-Time Technical Support

In the beginning when Fiverr was a struggling start up I can see how they would want to trim edges by having a thin layer of support.  When you are a company making millions a month there is no excuse.  None.  Fiverr technical support is horrible.  I had a problem with my order and submitted a trouble ticket (two actually) immediately.  When I say immediately, I mean within ten minutes of receiving the order from the client.  She attached PDF files which contain the information I need to start work.  They refuse to show up or be downloaded, regardless of browser, platform, or computer.  It is not a problem on my end, but a Fiverr problem.  Had I not seen my housemate go through something similar with no resolution that collapsed his ratings I wouldn’t worry so, but I did.  So I am.

I submitted this on Friday night and it is Monday before I received any response.  The response I did receive was to ask me peripheral questions that only delay any action on their part.  Since you cannot speak to anyone on the phone, they ought to at least research your account themselves prior to making you “work for it”–especially when they know that orders have timers on them.

I now have a single day to write an eBook or cancel the order on the buyer to maintain my reputation.  That is neither fair to myself or the buyer.  We are not allowed to contact them directly, exchange emails or phone numbers (so Fiverr can keep us working on the farm) and so we are both at the mercy of their piss poor Fiverr support team.

They are able to get away with this because people need work and they (literally not figuratively) have thousands of people selling so the loss of one angry seller (me) will not effect them overmuch.  It is times like these that I wish there was another “Fiverr” to go to just to show my outrage with dollars.  Alas, there is not.

Two people in my house have gone through this, so it cannot be an uncommon issue or complaint about their slow-moving support team.  Moving on…

Fiver Clients Who Ask for What They Should Not

I already accepted a gig before I realized that in order to fulfill the gig I would have to exceed my gig time.  My client expects my response time statistics to take a hit so that his order can be fulfilled.  I find this exceedingly rude from someone who only spent $5.  He will get what he wants out of this gig, while I get $3.80 after Fiverr and Paypal take their cut and a hit to my response stats.

When this happens there should be some means for sellers to address why a stat went down, why a review was bad (I don’t have a bad review, but I’m sure there are those who unfairly have them), etcetera. so that they can improve or maintain their profile.  Even Google Business allows for that, no?

Positive Fiverr Comments

So I made money, met some really nice people, and was able to raise my profile on Fiverr with positive reviews.  Again, no one who writes will be able to support themselves on Fiverr unless they do the following:

  • Stay on long enough to gain repeat clientele who are loyal, likeable and leave positive reviews
  • Once having those reviews decrease the gig word count to 200 words, forcing clients to purchase additional gigs
  • Have a very unique set of profile and gig images that set you apart and catch the attention of the “support team” so that you end up on the Featured List.

Consider this, a well-written, researched article of 400 words should never take less than a half hour to craft. You need time to research the subject, time to write, and time to review and edit.  You could perhaps cut it to 20 minutes, but if you go lower than that you’re just hog sloppin’.  Again, after the cut from Fiverr and Paypal you’re looking at a Max of $7.60 an hour for work you spent focus and concentration on.  You weren’t working and thinking of something else, as you would stocking shelves.  You weren’t working and talking to friends as you might working as a mechanic.  You were 100% in your own head crafting copy for someone else.

You deserve more than $7.60 for that.

Why don’t we feel cheated when we receive the $7.60?  Because we’re not putting on a suit and driving somewhere to do it.  For months this may work for you.  The ability to not get up at 5 am to fight traffic or catch the subway does have its appeal, but the amount of effort versus compensation will wear at you over time unless you manage to find some means of reducing the workload (cutting word count) and/or raising price.

I am going to stay on Fiverr to test out these theories and tell you if I am correct.  Until next time…Find Me On Fiverr!


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