Content Writing and Inspiration: Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Content writing and other types of ghost writing always end up being the only writing I do each day, which I have to say sucks.  My brain is filled with words and none of them ever go into my fiction novel which has sat like a red-headed stepchild over on Wattpad for God knows how long.  Today I wrote about Halloween costumes–Yay to Costume Works for hiring me.  I love you!  I would rather a million times over write about pets, makeup, witches (yes, I will get to that later), and Halloween costumes any day of the week than to write a press release on a topic I know is BS.  Yea gods, my poor housemate!

OT for a moment–I believe in holistic and complementary medicine.  I am the exact type of personality these things work on.  What I don’t believe in is writing press releases for some fly by night company that gives people hope but won’t give out their contact information.  Companies like Garden of Life stand by their products. You can call them.  You can see their products in stores.  They have reviews by real people.  When you buy anything from Garden of Life you know you’re getting a good product made by adults, not children, and something that contains more than sawdust.  My house mate had to write press releases today about a protocol that came from some alleged doctor that no one has heard of and may not even be in the US.  I am not discounting the abundance of awesome doctors overseas.  I believe there are wonderful physicians abroad.  However, those wonderful physicians also leave their contact information because they actually see patients.  Okay, back on topic…

So while I’m writing content for some really awesome people, I’m not actually doing any writing for myself.  I should feel terrible about this, but instead I’m wondering I should stop writing on this blog and make some popcorn for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’m terrible…I know it.  #TeamFame #chickenfarm #TeamViolet


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