How Freelancing Changed My Life: Fantasy Hair Color Edition

Freelance writing has a lot of perks, among them being your anonymity.  I no longer have to keep my hair a boring color because I no longer work for a Fortune 500 where every day was black pantsuit day and all roads led to conservative bobs.  Ghost writing isn’t exactly the type of job where you have to meet with clients.  Most of the time you’re just a username to them.  So this spring I decided to take a chance and do what I’ve always wanted to do with my hair and that is to dye it an Easter Egg color.  Currently, I’m going back and forth between “Cotton Candy Pink”

and “Luscious Lilac”:

Given that freelance writing certainly won’t pay for a trip around the world, I have to take my comfort where I can.  Having a fun hair color will make a huge difference (I think) in my attitude and overall outlook on life.

Right now I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to use hair chalk

or just go the Manic Panic route.  I’ll keep you posted!


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