A Man from Barcelona

About darn time! And no more $1.75 articles, either.

Content Writer Confessions

Quite by accident I had an extraordinary thing happen to me.  I have been a freelance writer on Fiverr for almost a year now.  It has been for the most part a series of unfortunate events which my more humorous counterpart has cataloged with great fervor and at times vehemence on my behalf.  I have been beset by unreasonable expectations, technical difficulties, an unresponsive Fiverr Customer Support system, and pretty much gave up on any hope of having someone appreciate the writing I submit.  Ten years of perfecting my craft, ten years of writing for organizations whose names are all well known, and I am reduced in my freelance writing efforts to being haggled down to $1.25 per 400 words.  I will admit to having moments where I teared up as I accepted a 800 word overnight press release for $3.50 or  thought back to the days before our firm…

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