Madonna’s Ghost Town: Girl, Can We Talk?

I just watched Madonna’s Ghost Town on the (funny) recommendation of Michael K on Dlisted.

Girl.  Seriously.  Beyonce is going to send the Beyhive after you for stealing her Haunted video concept.

I have no words.  Ha.  Lie.  I have lots of words.

First off–enough with the Illuminati imagery and same old tired occult themes.  It’s so overdone and prevalent everywhere now that it’s making Christianity sexy again.  Put the hand signs and one-eye stuff away for awhile until it becomes new again.

I used to scoff at this whole Illuminati business because when I see the people they say claim to represent them (Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Madonna) I have to say that none of them are all that illuminating or smart enough to be evil masterminds.  Then I had a conversation with the dude who runs the Illuminati Watcher website one night (shut up, I know everyone) and he now has me convinced that these people are just the puppets of the elite.  They’re still the same crusty old rich white dudes that have always ruled the world.  That I can see.  Trying to imagine a 56 year old woman with too little dignity to age gracefully and not turn her face into a Restylane balloon as some a member of an elite controlling cabal is just way too difficult for me to accept.  I’d think evil has a little more class than that.

Illuminati aside…the Photoshop is insane on this video.  INSANE.  No, it’s not jealousy on my part.  I don’t have to use Botox yet.  I just think that no one has mentioned to her that we’ve all seen her on the Grammys and talk show circuit by now so spending the extra hundreds of thousands to look like you’re still in your thirties is a waste of money.  We’ve seen what she really looks like.

Lastly, she should have quit after Ray of Light.  That was one of the best albums of my childhood.  I kid.  It was my teen years.  Sometimes artists need to go out on top.  Now, I will admit that Ghost Town is catchy, but the rest of that album is not only not so catchy, but also “try too hard”.  I’m harsh, oh well.  I’m just sick of entitled people reselling me stuff that was relevant years ago.

Okay, my bitchiness is done for the day.  Time to be grateful and humble again.

Really.  I’ll try.

Like a ray of light she’s fly-i-i-ing…


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