I Finally Worked on My Fiction Novel

…and discovered something terrible.

My creative side of the brain has shriveled up and died.  I have been writing copy for so long that my ability to write fiction has slowly atrophied.  I’m finding metaphors elusive and figurative language non-existent in my brain.  It makes sense though.  Writing for businesses requires a different style and type of writing.  It has to be clean.  It can’t be frilly.  It almost has to be austere.

Everything fiction is not.

Copy writing was supposed to be my means of collecting words and making writing a discipline.  Certainly the latter has turned out to be true.  I know how to write well and within a small space.  What I no longer have the power to do is set my brain free and allow it to roam into the sacred space of whimsy and dreams.

I’m disappointed and not sure what to do about it.  I also complained about this on my perma-blog: http://www.teawithmsb.com/the-tea-on-everything/writing-for-others-means-less-time-to-write-for-yourself


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