Game of Thrones Recap

Okay, I am a diehard, ride or die, Jon and Ygritte fan so a Season 5 without them together just doesn’t do it for me.  We all know that eventually they’ll have him and Daenarys get together –blah–can’t stand her, and we all know any likable character can’t live, but damn!  Come on!  Why it gotta be Ygritte???

I began this season without my usual “can’t wait” feeling and I wasn’t disappointed.  It was this giant pound of meh.

And they kill Mance.  Not the fake Mance of the books, but the real Mance.

What a pile of shit.

Next up they have Cersei break it off with Jaime, not the other way around–WUT?  He was supposed to become his own man, goddammit.

I am just disappointed.  Disappointed.

If HBO can rewrite the books then so will I.  In my dreams Jon and Ygritte will have a happy ending.



7 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap

      1. I understand. It would not doubt be a very political marriage.

        Arianne: Jon, come to bed, we have to consummate the marriage and provide an heir to stabilize the realm.

        Jon: Before we do that, let me tell you about my one true love, Ygritte. A girl with fire kissed hair.

        Arianne: Oh no.

        Melisandre: Tell me about it. Jon Snow is not a “goer.”

        Arianne: Say no more!


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