Picking Between Dynasty A and Dynasty B

So Hillary Clinton is running for president.  Shocker.  Hey, I heard Jeb Bush is also running.  Shocker.

The next time someone asks me what the heck I’m thinking when I say “Rand Paul”, I’ll point to the fact that our White House is not Buckingham Palace.  I’m tired of seeing the same old faces.  It just solidifies in my mind the fact that only wealthy and well-connected people can be president.  Rand Paul may be far from perfect (he is) but I’m so sick of the Clinton and Bushes of this world that I would vote for Miranda Sings before I picked one of them again.

Yes, yes, people will go into full on fear mode that a Republican will be in office and we all know they eat babies, hate teh gays, and all that crapadoodle they’ll tell you about the clock turning back on abortion.  Let’s get real, the president is a figure head and symbol.  Not even their beloved Reagan was able to get abortion laws in place and this was back with the Cold War made Republicans the bees knees in America.  Do you really think Rand can?

What Rand will do (and I like this the best) is nothing.  He’s small government so when in doubt he’ll do absolutely nothing and that’s fine with me.  In fact, that’s double fine with me.

The president has one real power and that’s as Commander in Chief and the powers that be want to provide us with two options that have demonstrated that they are pro-military intervention.  Here’s the tea, I’d rather have Rand in office than those two hawks who never met a middle eastern conflict they didn’t think we needed to be a part of.

So even if Rand is exactly what people say he is, a baby eating, ghey hating, anti-choice hobgobilin he’s a hobgoblin that thinks our troops need to stay home.

Good enough.


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