Game of Thrones, Tale of Nerds, and Why I Love Being a Geek

Game of Thrones, yehhhh…so, I wrote this long, long, long blog post for Illuminati Watcher using my alter ego: Dovahkiin.  Yes, that Dova.

I broke down Game of Thrones from the perspective of the messages it sends and all Hell broke loose in the comments, which I love because quite frankly I love talking about Game of Thrones.  It is my profound hope that someday I will make love to Kit Harrington, I mean, whew, sorry about that, I was going somewhere with that…ummm…my profound hope that I will…that I will…OH!  Right.

It is my profound hope that someday people will argue about my fiction novel and what I mean by this or that.  Stephen King said once that the real magic in writing is that once you start it takes on a life of its own.  The writer may or may not have meant for something to happen or consciously meant to suggest a theme, but it is not wrong what we take away from it.  Kit Harrington.

So I think that means I’m allowed to believe that George Martin may or may not have wanted me to sleep with Kit Harrington–wait, no.  Hold on.

deep breath

What I’m saying is that writing is like a child that once born has a life of it’s own.  It’s not your possession once it’s given birth to.  I am just as right about Game of Thrones as my former nemesis Patricksponaugle

And since he agrees that Jon Snow is amazeballs, he’s just as right as I am.

We nerds out there own this series just as much as the writer, and the really cool thing about George Martin is that he seems to acknowledge this (see his speech at Comic Con).  We nerds, we geeks, we passionate few are in on that secret.  Fantasy worlds breed fantastic thoughts.

Unlike the Beyhive and other “stans” in the universe there is something about those of us with an appreciation for Fantasy that makes our conversations about our ” loves” deep, complex, whimsical and polite.  When we disagree it’s fun.  No one is saying they hope anyone dies, unless, of course they’re very specific like: “I hope a Level 15 drake flies down from the northlands and consumes your house with fire,” or “may you be eaten alive by a hungry mountain troll.”

And that’s like fair play…

Today I am happy to say that I am proud to be a Tolkien loving, Song of Ice and Fire reading, Jon Snow stanning geek…and Kit?  Call me.


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