Ahhh Spring….Time for Me to Find Some Pepe le Pew on Youtube

While my kinder self is exhibited on my new permanent blog Tea With Miss B my alter ego wants to take another crack at why I love spring from a different perspective.  Kit Harrington.  Spring is all about amour.  It is about L-O-V-E.  By that I mean sexy frolicking through the flowers with Kit Harrington…or like his doppleganger.  I’m not picky.  My feelings for Mr. Harrington remind me of Pepe le Pew and his cat obsession.

As a child I never really understood Pepe, mostly because I always was told in middle school that “No Means No” but now that I’ve watched Game of Thrones, Seventh Son, Pompei, and How to Train Your Dragon 2 I can see that this probably doesn’t apply to all sets of circumstance.   I kid, Kit, I kid.

I used to love Pepe for his outrageous French accent.  I even have a Pepe mug that I drink tea from.  However, I am starting to wonder if perhaps Bugs Bunny and friends may have sent out some conflicting messages to children about proper social etiquette.  If you think about it, this is what we have learned from Bugs and Friends:

No Doesn’t Always Mean No

unless it’s Kit and I.

Third Degree Burns Aren’t Permanent

Just wait until the next scene and you’ll be alright.

Gravity Doesn’t Exist Until You Remember It Does

It’s Okay to Lie About Your Gender to People Who Want to Kill You

Did you ever notice how not only did they mistake Bugs or a woman constantly, but also never noticed the rabbit face?  Here’s why: men never look above the chest.

Right anyway, it’s spring and time for me to think about all those things that I really love about this planet.  Kit Harrington.

My future husband

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