Freelance Writers, This is What Your Client Thinks About You

When I was searching for an image for my profile blog Tea With Miss B I stumbled on a website called Profit Blog and it pretty much told me all that I have warned you about in my blog posts thus far in their article: 11 Things You Can OutSource on Fiverr.  From the article:

#6. Press Release Submissions

If you’ve ever had to submit press releases by hand, you know what a pain in the a$$ it can be.  Well luckily, you can find plenty of people to submit your press release for you, and even guarantee it to be included in Google News.  Don’t know how to write a press release?  Well, there are people to help you with that as well for $5!  (To have a press release written and submitted for $10 is insane! Just make sure to do your research on who you hire first).  Also, if you do decide to hire someone to write your press release on, MAKE SURE to proof read it first.  There is obviously a chance you’ll get a sub-par press release, but in my mind it’s worth the gamble.  If anything, you’ll have a good base to work with.

The author acknowledges that writing a press release is a pain in the ass, that press releases being written and released for $5-$10 dollars is insane (meaning that all of you are crazy for doing it–I’m looking at you Wistful Writer), and he even tells his outsourcing camp followers that they should take advantage of the people stupid enough to write cheap press releases on Fiverr because–hey, even if there’s a chance that some of those people are terrible writers you will still get a bargain even if you waste $5-10 on some guy from India who can’t write proper English to save his own life.

Wait!  There’s more!

#11 Transcribe Audio / Video

This one is kinda hard to believe, because transcribing can normally be pretty expensive.  I’ve seen transcription services go for $2-$5 per minute, and on Fiverr you can find some people who will transcribe 15 minutes for only $5!  This includes webinars, teleseminars, videos, or anything else.  You can even make your audio / video product more valuable by including an “ebook” with the package by having your content transcribed.  There are plenty of transcribers on  I just did a quick search by typing “transcribe” and found over 240 results!

He’s seen transcription services going for $2 to $5 a minute but there are people living in Bangladesh who will lower your going rate to $5 for 15 minutes .


You’ll note in the comments below his article people speak the truth about what you can expect for $5.  As a Fiverr ghost writer I do read other freelance writer’s comments about working on Fiverr and I can tell you that a logo designer or writer willing to write a 1000 word press release and submit it for $5 is phoning that shit in.  People are bitter about working for so little and have reduced their talents to passive aggressive production.

That’s not fair either.

You’ve shopped your talents for low prices and this is exactly the results you ought to expect.

Freelance writing, web design, ghost blogging, website building–these are talents, not just services.  If you don’t value yourself and your talent, no one else will.  I can’t hate the player, I have to hate the game.

If you want that game to change, it starts with you.


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