How to Negotiate with Customers on Fiverr: A Success Story

Freelance writers have bills, too.  We’re not all stay at home moms that have Volvo’s and a husband whose salary covers our bills as per the “meme” of Fiverr, cultivated by Stay-At-Home-Mom blogs.  Some of us share a home and have bills to pay.  Being a freelance writer as a single person is risky.  You are taking a chance on yourself, you are climbing a mountain every day.  You simply cannot make a mistake, one error will lead you to either writing all day long for $10 or losing a customer that lets you write for 1.5 hours and make $30.

Today I negotiated a rate with a client because I was not afraid to value my own time.  I would rather not make $7.80 after Paypal and Fiverr’s cut for a 1000 word article that requires a great deal of research based on the subject.  In the hour it would take to write that article I could go outside and work on my fiction novel, put some of these plants in the ground, and enjoy my life while I eat ice cubes and pretend it’s real food.

I wrote the client and said the following:

I bring high value content to the table because old habits die hard. I was an “A” student and a high performer in the office. I even won my company’s first ever CEO Award, becoming the youngest female executive in the firm’s history.

I value my customers because return customers is how you continue to make money and grow a brand. I also value what I bring to the table. My gig is $5 for 400 words, although I give 450 words. For that I receive after all the commission and cuts are taken about $3.80. For 1000 words I would receive $7.60 which is a loss for me in opportunity cost when it comes to legal writing due to the LOE I must put into an article. I can make you a custom offer for this one for $12 for 1000 words, but I cannot write 1000 words for $10.

What I can do for you at $12 is give you 1000 words that are professional and will feel like an attorney wrote them. I can craft a plea to those who suffer from Mesothelioma that will make them feel both “heard” and comfortable in reaching out. I can make you and your website look professional and compassionate.

I would love to be your writer. I would love for you to succeed in your efforts because of me and tell everyone what a great writer I am.

I want us both to win and be successful because in life it is never black and white. Two people can both succeed.

Thank you for your interest.

And he responded with a huge thanks and gave me the gig at the price I demanded.  I say this now to my housemates and to you out there who are attempting to make your living as a freelance writer to always value your time.  Life is short.  Every second of every day counts.

Believe in yourself and take risks.


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