Unreasonable Customers Part II

Fiverr is possibly the best thing or the worst thing to happen to professional freelancers.  Odesk, Elance and that Guru place were used by freelance writers to get a fair market rate for their work.  Large companies used those spots to try out writers that were professional and capable.  Fiverr came along and suddenly paying $10 to $20 for a page of web content seemed like it wasn’t such a good bargain anymore.

Of course anyone who has a keyboard can call themselves a ghost writer.  Anyone with a keyboard can write a press release.  Not everyone with a keyboard writes well.

No joke, the other day on Fiverr a writer from somewhere overseas put out an ad for himself on the Buyer’s Requests that stated “I Professional Writer Who Will Write 1000 Words for You on Any Subject Just $5”.

I used one of my buyer request offers to write him and explain that the verb “to be” is his friend and if he’s trying to sell himself as a professional writer he’s made 2 huge mistakes:  1) Grammar mistakes in a headline about professional writing , and 2) charging only $5 for 1000 words.

I’m not xenophobic.  I don’t dislike people who move to America and bring their culture, their food, their food, and their food with them.  I dislike having to compete with people whose cost of living is 600% less than our own because it brings down the value of what I do to the point where I will no longer be able to compete.

This is not their fault.  I fully blame the Federal Reserve System which has clamped these monetary shackles on us that makes a gallon of milk cost close to $5.

Now, I can certainly argue that some clients will notice that they are purchasing a pile of garbage for $5 and not choose that individual again, but the relative perception will still be that writing is only worth $5 if we don’t take a stand now to change that.

My housemate, lovely gal that she is, changed her gig offerings to make her overnight press release 275 words in the hopes that people would buy the add-on $5 gig.  This was under my advisement and I pointed out that it has worked for me and others.

So what happens?  One of her clients refuses to accept the order even though she gave him 330 words because he needed 500.  She kindly explained the gig to him and then wrote the extra 200 words anyway and apologized for having to ask for more money the next time.

Gurl.  Seriously, gurl?  This is insane.  When you do this you not only make it harder on yourself but harder on others.

He hasn’t gotten back to her yet, but I predict that he will not give her an “outstanding” review.

Client’s expectations must be managed.  I have cancelled orders before because they persisted in asking me to do more than we agreed upon.  When that happens you know they will also be nitpicky and screw you in the review.  Fact.

Learn how to cultivate the right clients on Fiverr.  That’s my tea for the day!


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