Tax Day, Robin Hood, and the Pangs of Unrealized Voluntarism

I love the story of Robin Hood.

I loved the fox Robin Hood, Erol Flynn’s version is EVERYTHING, and I loved the various British series on the man in green.

The Ridley Scott version with Russell Crowe seemed to piss off the bizarro so-called progressive media because Robin Hood –omigerd–stood up against a tyrannical government whilst also being tribal and communitarian when everyone knows he just robbed from rich people.

Um, he robbed tax wagons, folks.  The government (lords and the king) were the rich robbing from the poor.  Robin Hood wasn’t robbing from the Innkeeper or Blacksmith’s guild.  The poor was working their ass off to pay for the king‘s crusades, sending their youth to the wars, being unable to hunt or fish or sustain themselves off of the “commons” without being charged by the Crown with a national offense (in those days DEATH).

Does this not sound at all familiar?  It should.  Between thirty and thirty-six percent of what you make goes to fund a government that isn’t happy unless it’s bombing third world nations to freedom or incarcerating potheads.  We liberals (yes, I’m a classical liberal) like to shut our eyes and pretend that money goes to poor people when the reality is that 70% of those monies allocated for welfare programs never leaves the DC Metro area or the agencies that are supposed to distribute it.

If you are a voluntarist, watch the movie.  It’s brilliant and basically is our belief system in a merry nutshell.

Disney is about to retake the franchise over, and being a puppet funder of government they will probably try to whitewash the original tale to make it once more a rich-poor scenario instead of a voiceless-powerful tale which is what Robin Hood was really all about.

I’m about to get uber political but consider the fact that about 330 million people are allegedly represented by 600 lawyers in DC and you get where I’m going with this.  We have no representation anymore.  We are at the mercy of people who don’t think like us and have already been bought by their corporation of choice by the time they repaint their new office at the Capital Building.  They may throw the occasional social bone our way either left or right to make us think they care but that’s like getting a generic Christmas card instead of a present during the holidays.

We are still eating an inflation rate that means the poor have to live with the fact that they will work a whole hour just to buy a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a small jar of jelly.  Raising minimum wage won’t change that because the cost of living is tied to inflation and will continue to rise with minimum wage.  No one will fix it because all the right people make money from our currency manipulation.

So, I’m a little done with this Republican-Democrat false dichotomy of choice.

I’m going to end this preachy post with a quote from the movie:

If you’re building for the future, you need to keep your foundations strong, laws of the land enslave the people to a king who demands loyalty but offers nothing in return, I’ve been to the South of France, Palestine and back, you build a kingdom the same way you build a cathedral from the ground up!


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