Force Awakens Trailer — My Ponderings

Did any of you ever watch Charlie Brown as a kid?  In the show Charlie and Lucy have this little “game” they play where she holds the football for him to kick it and as he runs she snatches it away so he falls on his back.  Over and over they do this, each time she promises that she won’t pull it away…then she pulls it away.

That’s how I feel about Lucas Films right now.

So I watched the trailer and tried hard to remember that Lucy always pulls the football away, but it’s SO HARD.  It starts with Luke talking, you see Darth Vader’s Helmet…and it ends with Han Solo and Chewie, together again.

Basically my inner nerd is screaming YES YES YES YES YES but I am also super anxious that Lucas Films will destroy me just like they did with Phantom Menace.

Naturally, I’ll be there opening night but my real opinion won’t be formed for another week–always have to wait for the post-Lucas orgasm to fade for a real opinion.

I actually loved the Crystal Skulls opening night.  I was squealing like a baby when Marian stepped out of the tent and said “Indiana Jones”.  Then the next day I remembered the monkey scene and the ants and was like FUCK YOU GEORGE LUCAS!!!

Right now I’m in wait and see mode.


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