Interesting Read Over at the Jumbled Writer

I went to check out his blog and came across his kind-hearted query about the Gay Agenda/Hate Agenda.  I fully believe 100 percent that this is a nice, kind and loving person.  He reminded me of myself about six years ago–yes, I used to be nice.  No.  Really.  I was nice once.

Anyway on to my rant…

I am a very pro-gay person.  I lived with gay men during my master’s program, one of whom was a drag queen.  I live for queer culture, not so much on mainstream gays.  I like punk rock things and queer culture is punk rock.  Drag is punk rock.  I have always felt for gays and felt like they got a shitshake out of life.  I was that chick in high school that would jump on the assholes who picked on gay kids.

Six years ago I would have totally agreed with him on his position that we should force bigots to serve gay people!  Why? Because it’s not nice to not serve people because they’re gay.

And it’s not nice.  In fact, it’s cruel and sick and unChristian to not want to provide service to someone because you don’t like how God made them.

But I have had a communitarian awakening and I don’t believe anymore that the government is our friend.  It is a mechanism with a monopoly on force.  It’s only tools are force.  A law gets written and that law turns into something that grows and grows until the whole point was obscured.

I believe that people can handle bigotry and hate because I believe in people.  The only reason we don’t because is because we’ve been so coddled and corrupted that we no longer trust our own hearts or our power as free thinking people.  We have been told to sit back and let the government handle it and so we never handle anything anymore.

The government didn’t lead the way on the civil rights movement.  It was led by people into backing down from its earlier position.  It was governments that made those laws that forced businesses not to serve blacks and whites at the same counter.  Even if a business owner wanted to, he couldn’t have without being shut down.  It was people coming together as a cohesive group, holding hands, protesting that pushed back against governments to remove the laws that bound people.

We forget that because the story pit federal against state governments so “government” is still good–even though it was the US Supreme court that upheld these laws until people said, “No sir, no!  We’re not playing this game anymore.”

We have allowed ourselves to become a piece of plastic.  Instead of feeding the poor we run in a 5k race with sponsors to raise money for other people to feed the poor because that’s more fun.  Instead of protesting bigots who won’t serve gays, we slap a bumpersticker on our car and use an online form to send our name out with a petition to our Congressman and feel good about ourselves.  Instead of taking personal responsibility for our health and lives we post a comment about right wing religious nuts hating women and then we drive off to Starbucks and feel like we really are awesome people.

We are so plugged into the matrix that we don’t even question why we don’t speak to strangers in an elevator.  We have been told that our neighbors are some black/white binary amalgamation of a marketing meme that we already have decided that we won’t like someone because of their political affiliation or religion.  We have been fed hate and fear for so long that we are shut off from the beauty of human complexity and the truth in ambiguity.

I can’t even relate anymore to my former self who willingly believed that people are bad and we need the control of government to be good.

Honestly how many stores were going to not take gay money in this economy?  Was this a huge issue or an issue that people made huge to create division?

This could have been solved by people like you and me walking into those bakeries and saying, “I will never give you a dime of my money because you refuse to serve gays!”  When enough people do that, people change–not by force but by the coercion of their neighbors and the fact that they want to make money.

But that’s too hard.  That requires meeting people and confrontation and messy stuff like that–don’t worry plebe, pater-government will take care of those bad people for you!

Yes, government will take care of the problem by setting the precedence that they can now force people to labor against their will.

Forget the circumstance, laws grow.  It won’t stop here with this.  It never does.

The precedence is not that Christians cannot discriminate–that’s just a nice way of saying what’s really happened–the precedence is that people can be forced to perform labor against their will or they will be punished with fines or loss of income.

I am against bigotry.  I am against someone claiming to be a Christian and then not acting like one by showing contempt and cruelty for their neighbor (refer to Good Samaritan story).  I’m also against handing over every right and freedom I have to a state that is growing like a virus.

And that’s my passionate voluntarist rant that will be interpreted as me being a huge bigot.



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