Kylie Jenner Spends More Time on Her Makeup Than a Drag Queen

So I was on Celebitchy today–I have to keep watch on that site because my nemesis, Kaiser, always has to talk shit about Kit Harrington forcing me to fly over on my Internet broomstick and read him to filth–and I noticed that they covered Kylie Jenner’s article from Teen Vogue where this crazy young person says it takes her–get this– 2 fucking hours (excuse my Italian) to do her make-up and she spends 40 minutes on her lips alone.

What 17 year old requires 2 hours worth of makeup to look good?  Seriously.  Throw some highlighter, mascara and lipgloss on and you’re camera ready at 17.

Drag Queens take 2 hours because they are men trying to look like women.

I’m going to post the Teen Vogue cover where they are trying to make her look like she has no makeup on but you can tell she still has bronzer, highligher around her lips, nude gloss, mocha colored eyeliner, and lashes.

This is just ridiculous.  Why do we buy into this?  Why do we women feel we have to paint ourselves daily just to look good?  We look good without makeup!

This reminds me…I need a new bronzer.


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