LARPing, Knights of Badassdom, Peter Dinklage and Kit Harrington (just because)

So yehhhhh, I LARP.

noun: LARPS; plural noun: LARPs
  1. a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props.
    “the genre we have chosen for our LARP is fantasy, also known as swords and sorcery”
I used to just be a D&D nerd (you can be a “geek” I prefer “nerd” as my nomenclature) and refused vehemently to break that barrier and go full on.  I kept convincing myself that I only dabbled in this world.  Just because when Peter Jackson made all the LOTR series I died and had to be resurrected at the ER doesn’t mean I am like them.   Just because I had to see The Hobbit opening night despite all the commentary about the type of film used didn’t mean I was like them.  I mean, just because I own a season’s pass to the Renn Faire shouldn’t necessarily dictate I’m like everyone else there, right?  But then Game of Thrones came out and as I began to work out the measurements in my head for an Ygritte costume (just for Halloween, of course) when I noticed that I accidentally left out my alternate cover Avengers reboot from the 1990s–you know the one with the really shitty plot that makes Captain America look like a fool?  Right, so as I was putting the comic book back into Box 2-a I started to wonder how to sew fur pelts together, well, naturally I got distracted thinking about what tools I might need and didn’t realize I had stepped on my Rancor toy that I left out when playing with it earlier–Ouch, his finger went into the soft part of my foot!  Anyway I put him back on the shelf next to the limited edition Gollum collectible I bought 6 years ago and it hit me that I might not be entirely normal.
It was time to just come out of the closet and be the me I was meant to be:

I joined a LARP group and realized that as a hot chick in a field of mostly male nerds, I’m kind of like Galadriel.  I’m queen shit on turd island.  Everything I say is the most fascinating thing in the world and I’m always right!

LARPING is mega, let me tell you.

I was going somewhere with this but my cold meds are kicking in so I’ll get to the point: Kit Harrington!

No wait.  That’s the Rancor.

Kit Harrington:

He really doesn’t have anything to do with this.  He’s just beautiful.

Okay, Peter Dinklage decided in his off time to participate in this amazeballs but inexpensive movie on LARP called: Knights of Badassdom.  It is everything about LARPING.

Including a real demon conjured from the literature of John Dee.

I would give my neighbor’s balls to have that happen at my next LARP event.  Anyway, it’s low budget but I give this 4.5 Wicker Mans.


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