Time for the Jon Snow Kit Harrington Post of the Day

So I guess this week Stannis is going to tempt Jon Snow.  All of us who read the books know how that goes and why Jon Snow remains “Jon Snow”.  I’m glad of it although I have to admit that at this point I’m pretty damn sick of the Night’s Watch.  None of them but Jon seem to keep the vows and they really were pretty useless against the Wildlings.  Were it not for Stannis they would have been ass deep in Ice Giants.

This was the truest thing Jon ever said and was the right thing to say and also mean:

So why stay with the Crows?  Why even bother with those evil POS who all want to rule Westeros?

I know from the books we’re supposed to lean in a particular direction, but I’ll be honest…I don’t care for her either and while Jon would make a good king someday IF kings were required, I think he should have said “fuck it all” and stayed with Ygritte.So yeh, Kit Harrington…hot, huh?


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