Why a Writer Should Never Sign Up for CrowdSource , a CrowdSource Review

Freelance writing is a lot like prostitution.  You are selling your talents to people who will never remember your name.  Oh sure there is the occasional John who wants to make an honest woman of you, but it’s rare.  Once you accept that you’re a prostitute you can decide exactly what type of whore you’re going to be.

Will you be a working girl, jumping from car to car, slurping Red Bull to keep your energy up,


…will you be a high class escort and drink champagne while you taunt Russell Crow from the doorway of your hip pad?

My point, dear friends, is that once you realize the truth of who you are then you can make the necessary alterations to your lifestyle that will enable you to grow and enhance your profile.

Companies like CrowdSource are a great deal if you’re the John.  The company takes their order, has a million people submit articles and they pick the best ones for the client after they go through a third world editorial staff (saves money, naturally).  If your article is not picked you don’t get paid.

Did you hear that?  That’s right.  There’s a chance that you will write quickly to make the deadline and not get paid.

The editorial staff does not turn it back to you for corrections.  Instead they just turn it back to you with critiques as to why you weren’t worthy that time.  If you don’t write enough (because you’re taking your time to do it right) or you turn in too many losers, then you are suspended or throttled and your rate lowered.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’m a great writer, I am APA style, I never screw up!  Take a moment to read what these APA writers have to say about the editorial staff HERE.

The best you can hope for is $14 an hour and that’s if your articles are accepted and you write quickly.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather be a high class hooker.  How do you become a high class hooker, you ask?

By shopping yourself out to web developers.  People who pay for a website want the total package.  They don’t want to pay some geek to code it and them turn over an empty website.  Create a portfolio of your work and shop it to every web designer in your town.  If you’re a good enough writer then your sales letter ought to run you at least a few trials with one of those companies.

There’s my tip of the day.


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