My Fantasy Future Husband, Jon Snow is High Commander Now and Jaqen is Back!

My future husband

Ooops spoiler.  Whatevs, if you know who I’m talking about then you already know the skinny.

I will admit it.  I hate the Night’s Watch.  I hate that they aren’t really on the side of the living or they would have reached out to the Wildlings.  I hate that they ask a lot, but no one other than Jon Snow actually seems to live up to it.  So, yeh, yeh, it’s cool Jon chose being Lord Commander over Lord Stark of Winterfell so that he wouldn’t have to abandon the Old Gods of No Name to join the Lord of Light and Mean Stuff and Lots of Fire.

However, it’s BULLSHIT that they even required that of him.  Goddammit he should have been Lord Stark for two very good reasons, 1) We all know by now who he really is and he IS the Lord of Winterfell, and 2) It would send Lady Stoneheart back to her grave.

I cannot tell you how much I hate Catelyn.  Be it HBO, be it the books…I can’t stand her crazy ass personality.  The Tully’s are all bloody nuts.  Her sister was crazy, she’s crazy–the whole family is crazy.  The way she treated Jon Snow was off the hook, and if you think about it had she been less of a shrew Eddard would still be in Winterfell because we all know he never meant to be the Hand of the King.

Okay, end rant on Catelyn.

Glad Arya got to Braavos and W00T she’ll be an assassin now.  Excellent.  I’m glad to see “the man” again.  He was a favorite in the books and in the show.  In fact, back when Jon Snow was just boring eye candy, Jaqen lit up my Sunday night world with his mysterious hotness.

Since I’m on a serious mocha fueled ramble right now, did anyone else think it was crazy weak that Arya didn’t just pick Joffrey right away for deadedness?  I know I did.  Also, HBO does a shit job of explaining how a pimp like Jaqen ended up in that cage anyway.  If I were Arya and he offered his services to me after I saved his life I would have said, “Dude, you couldn’t even get yourself out of a cage.”

Anyway, Arya is at the House of Black and White now and I’m psyched.

Courtesy of EW

Oh and then some other crap happens with my least favorite character Daenerys –bleh– and we’re right back to another GOT hottie, my #2 hot guy after MFH Jon Snow, Daario (lot’s of D-names to keep track of in the series) who has suddenly become like Nancy Drew or something with Big Worm, I mean, Big Perm, I mean Grey Worm (a little “Friday” humor).  Anyway he’s hot and is on the sleuth trail.  That reminds me to send him that box of Scooby Snacks.

That’s pretty much all I can say about him in the show, he’s hot.  It’s just a wasted opportunity because he been paired with the black hole of chemistry Emille Whatsherface who is about as believable a love interest as she is the mother of dragons.  That is what HBO gets for hiring “pretty” over charismatic, someone who we forward past on the DVD.

Seriously when I don’t care about the Mother of Dragons, that should tell you something.  Mother of Dragons.  Nuff said.

Moving on…Cersei is being the snake that lashes out and is about to get chopped, or should get chopped.  Those of us who read the books knows how this plays out.  I think the author has a boner for Cersei.  If there was ever an argument to be made for GM having a Creator’s Pet, it’s Cersei.  Bitch won’t die and HBO won’t let her get fat like in the books.

Anyway, she is afraid that the people of Dorn will hurt her daughter over the death of Prince Oberon–duh, should have thought of that earlier bitch when you picked the Mountain–so she sends Jaime off to do something, something in Dorn, blah blah stopped caring about them last episode when HBO decided to make Cersei the one, not Jaime, who broke things off.

Okay, that’s about it.  Oh and here’s another gratuitous Jon Snow pic.


9 thoughts on “My Fantasy Future Husband, Jon Snow is High Commander Now and Jaqen is Back!

  1. Hey, in Cersei’s defense, she picked the Mountain to be her champion before Oberyn surprised everyone by championing Tyrion.

    She’s still not a nice person, but I have to stick up for justice in this decision.


      1. Well, I think deep her in heart she really believes Tyrion is exactly the monster she says he is, but I’ll support your side of the argument by saying that Cersei really has no interest in finding Joffrey’s killer, she’d turn a blind eye to evidence exhonerating Tyrion as lies or something.

        She’s definitely gaming the system by choosing the Mountain, and also by buttering up the judges beforehand.


      1. Well, we disagreed on Daario’s new actor, but now I’ve come around to your POV. Much better. Now, that I think about it, the new Daario is even hotter than Kit Harrington.


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