Biidly, Free Markets, and Why Russell Brand is Wrong

I love Russell Brand as a comedian.  I loved him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  I even took his side in the Katy Perry celebrity break up scandaloso.  I agree with him on certain aspects of The Problem, just not fully nor with his solution.

I think before he lectures he ought to lower his own salary to that of the press release writer for his publicists company and start paying Fiverr wages to himself for every standup gig or movie he is in if he wants me to take him seriously in his socialist aspirations.

Here is Russell waxing poetic

This week I got a new client through Fiverr named Karen Willson.  I write about her in my super cereal blog: because I think it’s extremely important to focus on the positive and allow others to lose their minds over what they feel is wrong with the world.

Biidly is a for-profit online auction which creates a revenue stream for charities while at the same time allowing businesses to profit, and providing unique products for wealthy individuals and people your parents age with “Bucket List” dreams.

No, the nonprofit will not receive the entirety of funds, but they will receive money they would not have gotten before.  Now, the knee-jerk progressives will say they should have gotten it all.  They say this because their Prius driving teachers and professors told them that’s what should happen.  Rich people and corporations are evil and deserve nothing but contempt.  That iPhone should be free.

Yeh.  Heard it.

Except even Karl Marx realized that without self-interest most innovation would not occur.  There are the Tesla’s of this world who just want to innovate and are willing to exchange their ideas for the money to experiment, but that money had to come from somewhere.  It had to come from a Westinghouse.

I’m a huge fan of the rich.  I aspire to be one of them someday.  I am not a huge fan of the wealthy who use the mechanisms of government to create their oligopolies which drive down the value of the small to mid-sized businesses and kill the incentive of innovators to innovate.  Monsanto can kiss my ass.  Bill Gates is a phoney baloney (remember Microsoft’s government monopoly in the 90’s?).  Apple runs sweatshops.  And Obamacare was a huge <CENSORED> for insurance companies.

The collusion of industry and government, corporatism, is more dangerous than any free market because it has the power of government’s monopoly on force behind it.

I believe some of us are communitarians.  I believe some of us honest users of a free market.  I believe some of us aren’t sure what we are but we know we want to help others and also have the latest video game.  We have the ability to change the world through ignoring government and their fancy-schmancy corporate puppet masters and just doing and living.

Karen and Biidly are not what’s wrong.  They are what’s right about this world.


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