Game of Thrones Screener Leaks: Paying the Iron Price (or the Ironic Price)

This was my comment to Pat and what I want to say as I reblog his well-written prose:

I think your article is thoughtful. I see your points. I don’t particularly have sympathy for HBO because they are engaging in the distribution of very dark material–which I admit to enjoying, but which also subtly changes the mindset of weaker people. The very fact that someone would say “They’re paying the Iron Price” shows that their proliferated attitudes have taken flight to some extent. The fact that the nimrods don’t think as deeply as you do insofar as dissecting the Iron Price is par for the course. HBO is not writing to only those who are intellectuals and thoughtful purveyors of storytelling. It is also in the homes of people who take the Kylie Jenner challenge…and it is actually those people that keep the lights on at HBO.

So while the “leakers” are dishonest dealers, in a way so is HBO. They know they are not just providing a titillating program but a subtle message of fluid morality to weak minds and count on it.

In this I take the Wildling stance and that of the cynical anarchist that says: Dr. Frankenstein meet your monster.

I Can't Possibly Be Wrong All the Time

This post will be talking about Game of Thrones, and will be lightly referencing plot points from the first four seasons. That’s as spoilery as it will get, nothing that hasn’t been aired on the actual show.

balon-greyjoy-600 Look at this cable bill! You expect me to pay for this? The GOLD PRICE?

As season five of Game of Thrones approached, it was clear that it would be a controversial collection of episodes. Rumors of deviations, characters omitted from the season, non-canonical deaths, and the airing of scenes from the unpublished books fired up the fanbase.

Then the first four episodes of the new season were leaked and made available on torrent sites, days before the premiere on HBO. The Internet went crazy.

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