Ben Affleck, Slave Owners, and Who Really Cares?

As you know I monitor Celebitchy from time to time to ensure that Kaiser is not throwing my future husband, Kit Harrington, under a bus without someone there to defend him.  Kit, I got your back, yo!   Today I see yet another article in the continuing fauxrage-fauxdrama about Ben Affleck’s slave owning great-great-great-great grandfather.  If you’re fortunately unaware of this so-called controversy, Ben Affleck decides to participate in that show that researches a celebrity’s family tree and presents the information in documentary style for cable.  After finding out that he had a slave-owner in his background he asked the show to censor that part.  So this apparently deserves not only TMZ’s attention but the BBC, Fox, and MSNBC to cover it like it is actual fucking news.


Let’s see, we have a bombing campaign going on in Yemen, Iran nuclear talks, the FBI and DOJ got exposed for fudging evidence for 40 years in federal cases, we find out that Hillary has been taking foreign money for pretty much all of her life, but the BBC needs to cover Ben Affleck not wanting people to know about his grandfather from another century.

To quote Hillary Clinton in regards to a bunch of dead people:

First, Ben Affleck is not his great, great, great, great, great grandfather.  Why should anyone be embarrassed by what their ancestors did–or proud, either for that matter?  You are you.  You shouldn’t get to take credit or blame for others.

For example, I didn’t bomb Iraq.  My dumb president did.  It’s certainly not my fault because I was protesting way back then.  Not my fault.

Second, why is this a scandal?    We have a lady running for president with enough skeletons in her closet to make the Smithsonian look bush league and the BBC, Fox, and MSNBC wants to cover this?  We are running around the Middle East like a chicken with our heads cut off growing baby terrorists every five seconds and the world cares about Ben Affleck not wanting people to know about his grandfather six times removed?

We are uncovering every single day the depths of abuse by our DOJ and LEOs and this is news?

So anyway, I start reading the comments and people actually think this is a scandal.  I swear my head almost exploded.  The celebrity-PC-SJW culture of America will be our downfall.

We hyper-focus on “society” and the “government” fixing social issues (NEWSFLASH–they can’t, never have, never will) and forget about waste, fraud, and abuse of government because that’s like, totally not as super duper important as us remembering that Ben Affleck’s grandfather in another century was like a slave owner because that’s like totally so much more important because slavery was like wrong!

I want off the planet.


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