Writing, Good Company, and Wit: A Roundtable

Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses…unless they’re me.

Content Writer Confessions

So today my housemate tells me we’re about to form our own Algonquin Round Table.

That’s awfully ambitious, if not ego-centric, I tell her.

Yes, which is exactly why it will work! 

With that she went off in her usual way to plan our future.  We’re like an old married couple these days, each of us quietly living up to our role in the relationship; living our routine.  She is driven and witty. I am content and passionate.  This is precisely why we work.  After years of working together and growing as friends we found an adult acceptance of ourselves and each other.  I know that behind the drive and wit that drags me in its wake is someone soft and sentimental.  She understands that beneath my quiet surface lies determination and a rock-like steadfastedness.

I now wait to see how this will begin…

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