Going Mostly Raw and Living Foods

I am making a switch to 80% raw and in the process of collecting recipes.  I stumbled across the lovely lady’s blog, called Yum Yuniverse.  Look at this woman:

Not only does she have great appetizers but great hair.  I’m about to sign up for her blog even though the only thing I’ve read her Heather’s Raw Sweet Potato Chips


But I swear to God just looking at them made me so hungry I’m starting my diet this week.

I mean, seriously.  How good does that look?

Part of my commitment to raw is my skin–I’ve done raw before it within 4 months, it literally takes a few years off.  The problem is my coffee addiction.  I start with just black coffee, then one day I’ll want a bit of cream, and then the next thing you know I’m in the drive through of Starbucks ordering a quad shot mocha latte.

If anyone has some good raw recipes to share pass them my way.


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