Jon Snow, Beheadings, Ephebophilia, Game of Thrones and Why I Hate Celebitchy

My nemesis Kaiser is back with more undeserved criticism of Kit Harrington.

My future husband
My future husband

As many of you know from watching Sunday night, our Lord Commander had to kill a man who refused orders.  This scene is juxtaposed from the one where he was asked to kill Ygritte and couldn’t (as well as his father killing the “deserter”).

Janos Slynt refused a direct order our of fear and normally I would have disagreed with this decision but we all know that he was one of the men involved in the killing of Ned Stark, so…fuck him.

Jon has changed in many ways, he’s gotten harder, but as a good man he won’t give an order like that and not be the one to carry it out.  Kit was bothered by this because he loves his character.  I can see that.  You don’t like watching people you love change, especially when that change is in opposition to their own future happiness.  His love for Ygritte gave him the first happiness he’d had and with her death Jon doesn’t believe that happiness is something available to him in love and falls back upon honor which is all a bastard like him has to prove himself above other men.

He’s a Man of the Night’s Watch now, all the way through.

I don’t like this.  He’s also Lord of Winterfell and I think we can all agree he’s the rightful heir to that throne in the south, too.

So Kaiser at Celebitchy had to make fun of Kit AGAIN.  So now I have to get serious about that voodoo doll, I guess…

Since I’m semi-recapping, how many people were moved by the scene with “needle”?  It’s even better in the book.  I’ve been sort of “meh” on Arya since they Mary Sued her but now that she’s in the assassins guild I’m starting to warm up to her again.

Lastly, that whole seen with Margaery and Tomen made me ill.  Yes, people in medieval times got married young, but kids also grew up faster mentally having been working and dealing with the care of other children, etc than our kids do today.

Rarely am I sickened by Game of Thrones but that scene bothered me because it will be a start for normalization.  Mark my words.  Don’t tell me it won’t.  Kids are wearing “Hail Satan” shirts at the mall.  In the suburbs.



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