Writing for Clients and Latching on to New Things

One of the cool things about writing for clients is that you learn new things, sometimes you get to try new products, and you are able to take in new ideas that may be beneficial to your life.

This week I wrote about Raw Food and it prompted me to return to that diet, and I also got to write for Sounds from Source (and I’m getting free sounds!).

I am really on a roll in life and I think so much of that has to do with my adopting a positive attitude and really drawing good things my way.  As I was writing for their new Advance Basic Training Course I decided to try it myself, so I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also on my raw kick again and I know the headache is coming, maybe Sheila or Susan will lend me some sounds to help with the detox symptoms.

Anyway, I know this stuff has some effect because I used Reiki in the past with some really great results and last night I listened to this hypnotist use binaurels and woke up with tons of energy.  NOW, it is true that maybe some of this is me believing it, but if the placebo effects works on me, then it works and GO ME.


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