How to Make Money on Fiverr and Freelancer

Because that’s the trick, right?

First things first, using Fiverr, Freelancer, or other microjob sites as intended  will never pay the rent.  This is because the business model is established to make Fiverr, not you, and not the buyer money. To that I say, “Go get yours, gurl.  Go get yours.”

I am all about the free markets.  I begrudge Fiverr and Freelancer nothing.  They came up with a business model that works for them.  I wish I had that kind of money back in the day to start a business like that, but time machines don’t invent themselves.

My lack of money-envy comes from the fact that I don’t believe that there is one pie with limited slices.  As RuPaul said, “there are multiple slices out there.”

So how do you make money off of these sites and get your own pie?

I’ll tell you.

  1. Known your own value
  2. Provide only tiny portions to the client, but make it super high quality goods
  3. Be specific, engaging, and exclusive-looking
  4. Treat quality clients with respect and kindness (and give them a little extra), they are rare  creatures deserving of your time and effort—everyone else gets ONLY what they pay for and then show them the door
  5. If a client PMs you first and then after you respond sufficiently keeps asking more questions, discourage him or her from ordering your gig. You don’t want him.
  6. Create a product that will help people with their business such as an eBook on “Ten Free Ways to Drive Web Traffic to Your Website” that you can resell for $5.
  7. Sell a service that will lead to custom orders

I’m going to lump a bunch of these today to save time because I just got a large order and I haven’t created my Kit Harrington Laws of Attraction post of the day yet.

Explanation for tips #1, 2 3&7—In the study of economics and business methodology there are formulas for deciding when to “do” something and it is weighted by two things, primarily, potential profit and opportunity cost.  Let’s use the service of ghostwriting on Fiverr as an example and I’ll show you how this works using two different fictional writers, Sansa and Cersei.

Sansa is a ghost writer.  She sells press releases, web content, and blogging.  Cersei is also a ghost writer selling the same services.  Both of them decide to create profiles on Fiverr.

Sansa creates 3 gigs that look like this:

I will write your engaging web content –I will create 500 word of engaging web copy that is SEO keyword optimized and that will catch clients and keep them on your page!  Gig extra I will write this overnight for an extra $5

I will write your press release– I will write a 400 word press release using a professional business tone that will catch the reader’s attention and engage them to investigate your product or service. Gig extra I will write this overnight for an extra $5

I will write your blog–I will write 400 words of superior blog content mimicking whichever website you choose. Gig extra I will write this overnight for an extra $5

Not bad.  Sansa has created gigs that will attract customers who wish to pay $5 for a page of work that she spends at least 30 minutes a piece writing since she promised “superior” and “engaging” content.  The rare client will ask for it overnight, so if she’s lucky she’ll get  4-5 gigs a day with a maximum $20 a day (Fiverr takes 20%) for a total of maximum $600 a month, but more than likely she will make $10-15 a day and with weekends being slow, she’ll probably make $150-200 a month with those gigs.

Cersei also creates 3 gigs that look like this:

I will write your superior web content –I have 15 years of writing for top ten firms and know how to produce actual AIDA copy that will convince potential customers to become customers and boost your sales.  Due to my schedule this gig is for 250 words of engaging web copy that is SEO keyword optimized and that will catch clients and keep them on your page!  Gig extra #1 I will write this overnight for an extra $5 Gig extra #2 I will increase the size of your content to 600 words giving you a loyalty bonus of 15%

I will write your press release– As an experienced press release writer for a top US company I learned exactly how to craft words that will contribute to the branding of your product.  If you are looking for an SEO style press release that is ore of an article, this is not the gig for you.  This is for professional press release writing services only.  I will write a 275  word skeletal press release with enough marketing pop for you to expand upon it keeping consistent with the tone.  If you would like a top shelf PR then purchase my gig add on.  Gig extra #1 I will write a branding professional press release that can be distributed to major news outlets for $20 Gig extra#2 I will write this overnight for an extra $10

I will write your blog–I will write 300 words of superior blog content mimicking whichever website you choose, exceptions being law firms, edus or medical facilities. Due to the rigors of these practice areas additional research is required.  See gig extras for these practice areas.  Gig extra #1 I will write a legal blog of 450 words for $10 Gig extra I will write this overnight for an extra $5

Now, you might think that Cersei’s prices on Fiverr would lose her business because they are “too high” but this is not the case.  She’s defined herself as an exclusive brand, setting herself apart from other writers.  She’s telling people that she’s so good that she’s willing to not take a gig.  “Cersei” made close to $3k off Fiverr last month with those types of gigs and a few extra.  “Sansa” made $200 and is the better writer, but is too shy and values herself too little to use the same tactics that she uses when writing for other people when marketing herself.

Know your value!

Again, why Cersei makes more money on Fiverr than the poor, sweet, excellent writer Sansa all boils down to attitude.  Instead of forgetting that you provide a great, high value service for low money and just feeling grateful someone selected you think like a queen and say:

Now, as to #4&5 or “how you treat clients”…

People who go to Fiverr or Freelancer are not (immediately) looking for value.  They are looking for a bargain.  Some of them are really great people on a budget and doing the best they can to make their business work off a shoestring.  When I meet those people I always give them extra.  Always.  The struggle is reallllll!

I help them for two reasons: 1)Karma.  I 100% believe in karma.  If you do good things for good people it will come back to you.  Treat good people bad and you’ll get yours eventually.  And 2) Imma need to use Kanye West for this one…

Now I ain’t saying you’re a gold digger you got needs
You don’t want your dude to smoke but he can’t buy weed
You got out to eat and he can’t pay you all can’t leave
There’s dishes in the back, he gotta roll up his sleeves
But why you all washing watch him
He gone make it into a Benz out of that Datsun
He got that ambition, baby, look in his eyes
This week he mopping floors next week it’s the fries
So, stick by his side
I know this dude’s balling but yeah that’s nice
And they gone keep calling and trying
But you stay right girl

Treat them right while they’re low, and they’ll stay with you when they rise high.  You have the ability to help make that a reality.  Consider it an investment and do it.

Now, you can tell the good clients from the bad right away.  The good clients say “thank you so much” from the break.  Why?  Because they know they’re getting a bargain.  They feel slightly bad they’re only paying you $5 for something.

The bad clients are also easy to tell.  They come to a website where they only have to pay $5 for something and then proceed to engage you with a lot of questions about what you’re willing to do for $5.

When I go to MAC or Sephora I am allowed to ask questions about the products because I am paying over $10 for anything in that store including mascara.  I don’t walk into the Dollar Tree and pick up an old Covergirl and proceed to hammer the checkout girl about how well it will work and will it make my lashes look thick enough.  If I did, I would 100% fully expect her to say: Gurl, it’s a dollar.  You want curly lashes, go to Ulta.

When you have to bug someone about a professional, white collar service that you’re only paying $5 for then you are a nightmare.  I do not know HOW the logo people do it.  I don’t.

Lastly, 6&7 …do you remember how Cersei sold gig extras to jack up the price to actual market value?  Without gig extras you will never get off the ground on a site like Fiverr.  They’re there.  Use them.

On to products…how the real deal Fiverr gangstas make money is that they offer a type of consulting service for $5 which really amounts to the buyer making the client pay them $5 to sell them new products and services.  Create a few eBooks that are “How To” and make them gig add ons.  That way you wrote it once and can sell it 100-1000 times.

You’re welcome.  IF you need further help such as someone to review your Fiverr gigs and rewrite them or create eBooks for you to sell contact me here:  My consulting rate is $10 per 20 minutes and ebooks are $30.  You will only need to sell 8 of them to make your money back.  They are a perfect way to do nothing and make money.


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