The Secret and My Upcoming Marriage to Kit Harrington

So I was reading The Secret and it says to visualize what you want and keep acting like it will happen, and eventually it will happen…so something like that.

So I just wanted all of you to know that I will be marrying Kit Harrington in the next two years.

My future husband

Oh Universe or however I’m supposed to affirm this, I am sending out positive vibes or something to bring Kit Harrington to me.

And since the Universe is supposed to give me what I want with my affirmation and vision board (this blog) Kit will do the right thing and marry me….or something.

So I think that’s how The Secret is supposed to work.  I will wear a gown of the finest silk from Tralalalalaleeday.

Universe, hear me!

I sure hope this works or I’ll look like a fool in two years…


4 thoughts on “The Secret and My Upcoming Marriage to Kit Harrington

    1. Yes, actually. I wrote it, and just as I clicked send I got the phone call. As we were talking he said, “I will be in ________and won’t be able to attend so you can go for us.” I actually got a little scared because I am half-teasing as you know, so I was like…oops!


  1. Okay, so when I first read about your mad infatuation with K.H., I must admit to not getting it. Like, at all. (Serendipitously, I was just a few episodes into my GOT-binge on HBOGo, so I actually knew who he was.)

    Finally, I’m now on Episode 6 of Season 4 (“The Laws of Gods and Men”), and somewhere along the way, in spite of STILL not really understanding what the hell is going on, story-wise or being able to keep the characters straight, I started to feel that K.H.-love you’ve written about.

    However, my heart belongs to sweet, simpering Lancel Lannister…that man-child’s IMDB headshot should be off-limits to all us ladies over 40. Growrrr.

    God bless, and congrats on the pending opportunity!


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