A Few Notes on My Political Philosophy

Voluntarism rules! That is all.

Amy's Spires

A few people have recently asked me about my political stance, since I claim to be a “rational anarchist” and a “voluntarist” (aka an-cap). I figured I’d make a short outline of what I believe and why. This isn’t a thorough explanation of everything, but it should give the curious some idea.

I suppose I first ought to make it clear that I’m not a theonomist. I’m not post-mill, so I don’t foresee the world gradually getting taken over by Christian norms of thought. Looking at history, however, I see causal relationships between different ideologies, the policies of the governments they spawn, and the results of these policies. While overall I see a decline in justice and a hastening toward judgement, I see no reason to conclude that this judgement is necessarily imminent and that it is impossible to better our current state. Thus my views have been formed with…

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