South Park Libertarians, Anarchists and Voluntarists, and Why I Love Ralph Nader

I want to clear something up because I don’t want some of the people following me to get the wrong impression about me.  I hate the Republican Party.  I know a lot of you are Republicans and some of my pro-individual comments appeal to you, but I’m not “one of you”.  I may hate the Democratic Party worse, but that’s only because they’re in charge now, so they’re in my crosshairs of hate.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone sum up for me a lot of how I feel when I write about political things.  From Huffpo:

“There’s something uniquely aggravating about the smugness of liberal Hollywood,” Matt said. “You have to laugh at Alec Baldwin when he gets political. You have to. He is an amazing actor, he may even be a great guy, but that shit is funny. Sean Penn getting on TV on CNN and talking about politics, Sean Penn running around Katrina and Haiti that is funny. That’s all. That’s fucking funny. And we’re going to make fun of you, Sean Penn.”

The smugness of so-called liberals is what I hate.  Republicans are like your rich old scotch swilling uncle who likes to lecture about economic morality but had a cupcake on the side for years.  He’s not smug.  He’s drunk.  Lena Dunham…now that’s smug.

I love gay people because I love people.  I don’t love them because they’re gay or want to hug them because they are gay or want to seem awesome because I support someone who’s gay.  If I am friends with a gay person it is because that gay person is a great individual, not because they’re my new political fashion accessory.

That to me is bullshit.

I love black people.  See above.

I believe in individuals and I believe in “community” in that the “community” is a bunch of individuals who know each other and hang out.  I think anyone who says that they “love” ( a strong human emotion) someone they’ve never met is lying to you.  They love the idea of love, but love is what you feel for your family and people you know.

If you think in those terms of “loving everyone” you will never love anyone because you won’t go out and get to know them.  People are lazy.  If they think they can get away with loving someone from afar or that by supporting gay rights with their mouths that makes them awesome, that’s all they’ll ever do.

I admit that I love the people I know and no one else.  I do believe that all those other strangers out there, deserve love.  I think strangers deserve liberty.  I will protest, write letters, and donate to see that they get it.  If I meet one of those strangers I’ll probably love that individual, but until then they are concepts to me–and to the other people who pretend they’re not concepts, as well, even though they will never admit to it.

The best part of being a libertarian or voluntarist, rather having us around, is that we believe in the non-aggression principle.  That means that I believe everyone has a right to live their life without being fined, jailed, or abused as long as they do not actively injure the body or property of another person.

If  we all adopted a live and let live attitude we would meet more individuals and love more people.  This sheltered cage we live in gives us the illusion that we do, but the reality is what Baltimore looks like now.

Baltimore is the result of progressives AND conservatives who worked together to create a police state where authority figures are always right, where individuals haven’t the right to ingest a plant with their own body, where people are paid to shut up and go away, and where families have been destroyed to adapt to some “village” culture that has never existed.

If we got rid of the war on drugs we wouldn’t have gang violence, we wouldn’t have people with a criminal record for a pot bust who cannot now get a job because of that record, and we’d have a more active population of people working.

Now, I know people will talk about the mad crazy junkies who they believe have superhuman strength and break into other people’s houses instead of just lying around in withdrawal pain and trying to bum money off their parents.  I realize part of why “they” think this is because the defense attorneys of burglars use that excuse to get their client out of trouble.  The truth is (and I know this because I was a volunteer at a clinic) drug addicts are too physically weak and sick to plan a robbery.

Anyway, so yeh….I love Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, and Bernie Sanders.  I love them almost as much as I love Ron Paul.  Why? They are all true believers.  They say something and do it.  The words coming out of their mouths end up also coming out of their hands.

I would vote for Jill Stein over Jeb Bush a million times over.  I would vote for Ralph Nader or Bernie Sanders over Mark Rubio.

Individual people with individual actions, words, and motives don’t escape me.  I don’t brand someone with a label or write them off because I see “Democrat” or “Green Party” or “Republican”.  Ron Paul was a Republican I adore.  Dennis Kucinich was a Democrat I adored.

That’s the cool thing about being an anarchist/voluntarist and that is that I can like who I want and no one will try to shun me back into the flock.  I can say and do what I want, when I want, and that’s groovy.


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