Yelawolf & Eminem “Best Friend”, Suprisingly not Anti-Jesus

My homeboy Illuminati Watcher covered this in his website HERE and it took me awhile to watch and listen because…life…but I finally did.  I was pleasantly surprised by it. 

The video made me tear up for a few reasons.  As a Motor City Kitty I have been rooting for Em since before he dropped his first album.  As a teen I had the posters on my wall, he was an example of someone who “did it”.  I wanted him to do well because it meant I could do well, my friends could do well, so when he started with the Marshall Mathers LP which was sick as shit I got a bit scared for him.  He and Kim were always drama in the club, but lots of love.  The fact that they were back and forth for years and –just ask people in Detroit if they still see each other and they’ll tell you straight up they have been on and off for years and still are.  That type of ghetto love is much appreciated by me.  When he started that tour and even with the album he threw her under the bus and just…wasn’t him.

She went around telling everyone it wasn’t him, that her sweet guy was gone.  I believe her.  I think “he” comes and goes.  When he did that Rainman thing I knew he was gone.

Recently though I think he has tried to “come back” and has tried to save himself and has moments were that dude from the clubs breaks through again.

So when I watched that video and get to the part where Em takes it to church, and I mean CHURCH, like whip out the oils, CHURCH I was crying like a baby and prayed for him instantly.

I feel that song because I have stepped away, I have seen things, scary things, that make me believe there is evil.  I have done things I should not have done, and am trying to come back.

So when Yelawolf somberly sings:

To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I hold You nearest
My best friend, best friend

Let the trumpets blow with Your appearance
I can almost hear it
My best friend, best friend

When you wish me Hell upon my soul and spirit
Behold these lyrics
I got a best friend, best friend
Yeah, I got a best friend, best friend, yeah

I’m feeling it.  I sometimes don’t even think I deserve God anymore.  Comedy, they say, hides pain.  I laugh and joke because I’m hurt and broke.  This sinner holds on to God tight and talks to him every night.

Yelawolf–I am feeling you.

In the video there is the forsaken Yelawolf and the forlorn Yelawolf and they both enter a forgotten Church–btw–Florians in da house!  3-1-3!!!!

So they walk into my old Church, which spooked me too (lately the world seems like it’s all about me–I wonder if I’m a test subject, but anyway) and there is Em and when I say “Em” is back I mean, that fast rapper, is back.  He drops this shit and it is old school DOPE!  Here is the full song.  It’s deep.  Very deep if you’re “watching”.

[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
Ain’t never been much of the church type
But I believe in the last days
I walk through Hell almost every night
But I believe it’s a pathway

Say boy, what you doin’ with your life
With those tattoos on your face?
Say boy, you know that you’ll pay the price
Well, I guess I’ll see when I head that way

[Hook: Yelawolf]
To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I hold You nearest
My best friend, best friend

Let the trumpets blow with Your appearance
I can almost hear it
My best friend, best friend

When you wish me Hell upon my soul and spirit
Behold these lyrics
I got a best friend, best friend
Yeah, I got a best friend, best friend, yeah

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
I don’t know much about Holy Bibles
But I grew up in the Bible Belt

I put my love for a woman on idle
Because I got beat with my mama’s belt

But I learned from my mistakes
Try hard to respect people for what they believing in

But if you spit on my fucking grave
And wish me Hell then I wish you well
I’mma send you straight up to my best friend


[Verse 3: Eminem]
God, please could you arm me with the armor
To calm me when there’s drama like Gandhi?

Could have gone the other way many times
Could have turned Dalai with the lama

But I squashed my beefs and things seem to be looking decent
Recently, but don’t jinx it
It’s like Clint Eastwood looking for peace though

Maybe not finna enter
The priesthood, but at least should
Make an attempt to show some remorse
And to be some sort of a repenter
For the people I’ve been a menace to
Not a preacher, but a shit starter and finisher

Enter the mind of a thick skin, but a short temper
This patience of mine is thinner
Than twine is when I get attacked
So I might say something back that might offend you

So if you don’t like when I rap
Or what I have to say on the mic then you
Might wanna act just like quarterbacks
And take a fuckin’ hike when I snap cause I’m a sinner

And I (I got a best friend, best friend)
Plus balls and intestines
And they never been yes men
They gon’ tell me when I’m fuckin’ up
The minute I’m ever giving it less than
I’m about to vomit and I can feel it coming
Cause failure’s something I can barely stomach
And I only listen to my gut
So unless you’re my fuckin’ belly button
Don’t tell me nothin’

You ain’t my (best friend, best friend)
Who you think I’m talking ’bout?
Lifts me up when I’m down and out
Still look to him without a doubt
Still got a (best friend, best friend)

Shout it out like there’s never been a louder mouth
Should have never been allowed a mouth
Now that I got a higher power
Now when I blackout, power outage
They powerless, but they crowd around
They tend to flock like shepherds
The black sheep
But I be the worst thing that these motherfuckers ever heard
When I’m counted out

You be D-O-A, they’ll announce
But pronounce you dead when they sound it out
So prepare for a rival, your arch enemy surrounds you now
He’s all around you

Not even the doctors at the hospital
Are gonna shiggy-shock you back to life
It’s im-piggy-possible to revive you
It’s word to the diggy doc
Stiggy-stopping is not an option
Something I’m not gonna do

I’m the Iggy Pop of hip-hop when I walk in the booth
Dawg, I’m the truth like Biggie rockin’ with 2Pac in a suit
Talking to Proof dropping a deuce

Fill up a syllable clip like a refillable script, cock it and shoot
And who you think’s my Glock that I use?
That I pull from to get my strength up against these haters
And he’ll be waiting at the gate when you get sprayed up
Sending you hoes straight up to deal with my (best friend)

In Em’s lyrics we see the battle that he’s going through, we see the code he’s dropping if you really dig deep.  He knows that by singing this they’re gonna come for him.

Eminem, I know you will never read this, but that skinny girl from the back row with her fake ass ID in 1997 sends you love, prayers, and hopes you make it.



2 thoughts on “Yelawolf & Eminem “Best Friend”, Suprisingly not Anti-Jesus

  1. Yeah, you’re right about Eminem, he’s fighting and he almost did it, but they must’ve threatened him with something, his family my guess. after he ODed and almost died he definitely realized what he has done and tried to fix what still could be fixed. He went to rehab, he got the kids custody and Recovery was a classic, “Not afraid” was a declaration of independence…. and then he bleached his hair and brought Slim Shady back with “The Monster” and “Rap God” and all the rest. But although he is back to some of his old stuff, he isn’t pushing the agenda like before, he doesn’t perform in the awards shows, he is not so visible like before and his friendship with Jay-Z took a break, overall he is more conscientious but can’t get out of this . I also pray for him and wish him the best, hope he knows is never to late and God is forgiving and merciful

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