Bruce Jenner and Libertarians, is Why I Think It’s No Big Deal

My body, my choice.

It’s Bruce/Belinda’s body.  His/her choice (he has transitioned?  I know you kept same pronoun until then)

No one, no government, no person, no one has a right to tell you what you can do to your body, what you put into your body, or what you do with your body.

You want to transition?  Cool, cool.

You want to tattoo the whole thing?  Awesome, man.

You want to smoke pot or eat 5 cheesecakes a day?  Right on, you be you.

You don’t want to labor for someone because you’re a dick?  That’s okay, too.  I won’t buy from you, but that’s fine.

If you don’t own yourself, then you own nothing.

If an entity with a monopoly on force can make you perform labor or be punished, or stop you from eating or drinking something or you will be punished…then you don’t really own yourself.

None of this, “Well the state provides the business license!”  Guess what?  The state shouldn’t have the right to.  It also jails nonviolent offenders for smoking a weed.  Awesome.

We either own our bodies and our own lives or we don’t.  As far as I’m concerned the only laws that need exist are those that punish harm done to another human.

Anyway, I’m 4 beers in on this kielbassa and sour kraut dinner so…


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