Apple’s Tim Cook calls state discrimination laws ‘dangerous’

I think all laws are dangerous so we agree on half of what he said. Voluntarism and free societies rule.


Apple CEO Tim Cook at the March 9th

A number of tech executives havedecried state laws that promote discrimination against the LGBT community by allowing companies to refuse service on religious grounds, but Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking his opposition to the next level. The executive has written an editorial for the Washington Post that says it’s “dangerous” to enact these laws, which include Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Arkansas’ tentative HB1228. To him, these measures not only “rationalize injustice” against fellow human beings (including himself), but are “bad for business” — they could stifle employment and corporate growth.

Cook stops short of taking direct action. He’s not closing retail stores or otherwise scaling back operations in states where these laws exist. However, a mix of cities and companies (including tech outfits like Salesforce and Yelp) have already said they’ll either avoid doing business in Indiana when possible, or shift their growth elsewhere…

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7 thoughts on “Apple’s Tim Cook calls state discrimination laws ‘dangerous’

      1. There does need to be more female Voluntaryist voices. And it could be good: I come from a Conservative/Republican (Tea Party-ish) background, and you from a Lib/Dem background…how about Louisa?

        I went to Libertopia in San Diego the year before last and it was great, though most Anarchists are what I fondly refer to as “godless heathens”. Regardless, what we share in common is more important than our differences…I embrace the NAP, they embrace the NAP, we all hate the state, so Kum-flippin’-baya!


      2. I’m loving this! We should do a podcast, seriously. We’re from all over and there are not enough voluntarist women. I don’t know if I have your email, but if I do can I contact you? We can do this and add a little Illuminati stuff thrown in. Isaac is tired and would probably just use it.


      3. Of course you can contact me. Isaac might have my email address; but what I’ll do is see if I can find yours and I’ll write you first. That way, I don’t have to post it publicly.


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