Tyga Breaks The Rules At Cal State Fullerton

Dude is lucky he’s a rapper and her family don’t care what she does as long as there is money to be made. How many other 25 year old black men can get away with having sex with 16 & 17 year olds and not go to jail?

1025 KSFM

Tyga headlined Cal State Fullerton’s Spring Concert on Saturday. He only had one rule to obey and that was that he couldn’t bring his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner because the concert was 18+ and Kylie is only 17! TMZ caught Kylie backstage at the concert with a plate of chicken wings in front of her. The school did nothing about him going against their rules because they were scared he was going to bail leaving them without a headliner. Apparently, it was his plan all along to bring Kylie because he knew the school couldn’t afford to get another act. Several students spotted Kylie and were tweeting about her being there! When you’re famous I guess rules don’t apply to you!

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4 thoughts on “Tyga Breaks The Rules At Cal State Fullerton

  1. You’re being mean :))))) We know you’re jealous. Geez, I saw she owns a mansion that must’ve cost a few millions, at 17!! She “works” really hard, poor girl! I saw her on the Kardashians show complaining about how hard is to do the laundry and other chores, some people have a totally different definition for the word “problem”


  2. Yep, still don’t wanna be in their shoes. And for their first house a normal person would’ve chosen a small apartment, getting used to be on their own then gradually going for more, she has a mansion at 17,what’s next? A palace on Mars maybe…


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