“We’ve Always Had the ‘Good Blacks’ Round Here”

That’s what the guy who came to check the HVAC unit just told me.  Apparently, my county has always had the good blacks.

Good to know.

As an individualist I have mixed feelings about these sentiments.  On one hand, he’s obviously trying to say something nice about his black neighbors, but on the other he’s collectivised them into two groups: “good blacks” and “bad blacks”.

I suppose that’s no different than what blacks do.  I’ve often been told I’m the “nicest little white girl”.  However, all of this white-black business just feels counter-productive.

How can you ever move to a color-blind society without saying, “I’ll be the first to put the labels away”.

Someone has to start.

It’s like in those old movies when two people have guns on each other and they either have to shoot or to lower the gun.  Obviously someone with a gun drawn on you is not your friend, but can you trust them?

The answer is, of course, in order to leave that dangerous situation, people have to lower their guns.

…at the same time.

Anyway, it was just an anecdote.  Nothing more.


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