Miley Cyrus is Now “Genderqueer” And in Other News Stunt: Queens Pull PR Stunts

Miley did an interview with Out magazine that I could have predicted from a fucking mile away–young starlet/celeb says she hasn’t strictly had heterosexual relationships feels like she’s part of the GLBT community.  Really gurl?

Psst, here’s why female celebs say that: it boosts their stock with men and women.  Let Chris Pratt say it and watch his stock go down.  It’s sexy to think about two girls getting it on, less so for guys to watch other guys do it.

And here she clips part of the interview for her Instagram

This is the biggest pile of bullshit for so many reasons.  I had this similar conversation with a friend of mine who I love, and is a MTF transsexual.  I was trying to understand how she could feel like a woman on the inside when I myself didn’t know what that means or feels like as a vagina-laden individual.  I don’t feel like a “woman” I feel like me.  I suspect that’s true for everyone.  I mean, when see a baby cry I want to help, but that’s about it.  Anyway, Danny told me that I was “genderqueer” if I couldn’t say for sure what being a woman feels like.

I was shocked.  Now, I’m genderqueer.

Apparently, if you cannot “understand” what being a woman distinctly feels like, or what being a man feels like  you’re not cisgender anymore you’re genderqueer.

No.  I don’t buy that, and I don’t want others to buy that.  First, they tell us that gender is a construct, now it’s not a construct–we’re all genderqueer, except for transexuals because they seem to “know” what gender feels like.

I’m so fucking confused by modern life and I’m sure kids today will grow up just as confused with these new definitions that are perpetuated by the media.

If you believe you are a woman and want to take hormones and have surgery to make you feel good–DO IT.  Life is short.  DO IT.  I want everyone to be happy with the life they have because it’s short, baby.  It’s short.  I’m like Nike: Just Do It.

That said, don’t tell me how I should feel or what words I should use about myself and quit trying to confuse people with “genderqueer”.

I was a tomboy but I still have a vagina, I still like having a peen in that vagina (hello, Kit –Universe, remember I said that), and I like to also dress up sometimes.  Not all the time, but sometimes.

I am not genderqueer.  Gender, IMO,  is a ridiculous concept in modern life because it defines things by superficial means.  If a dude likes to sometimes dress up in a wig and high heels, now he’s genderqueer?  No.  That’s not true, Miley.  No.

Raven (in his own words) is a man in a dress.

He likes his own peen, he likes other men’s peen, and he likes making money, something drag allows him to do.

Violet Chachki is genderqueer because he has said that sometimes he feels like a chick, other times a guy.  He feels both things, not “nothing” as Miley has defined it, or as I have defined myself.

Miley has taken enough Molly (gurl, I know…I do know) to say dumb shit like “I didn’t want to be a boy I kind of wanted to be nothing” when no one ever (until that interview) accused her of being a fucking boy.  She inserted that like this:

I wouldn’t say that I looked gorgeous in that outfit, only that my friends have said it.

No one said it.  She cut off her hair.  That’s it.  No one called her a boy or implied she was a boy.  People said it was a bad look, but no one said she was a boy.  This is Miley hopping on GLBTQ chic.

It’s just rude, IMO.  My friend spent $200,000 on his transition to a “her” between all the drugs, laser surgery to get all the hair off, and several operations on her vagina because the dilation didn’t work.  She practically lived off of painkillers, but this bitch wants to jump that ride to be “in”.

Whatever…seriously…whatever, Mily.  You’re not an attention whore, no…


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